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That Awkward Moment…

When someone says Christians should stop imposing their beliefs on society.   

What beliefs would those be?  About marriage?  About the sanctity of life?  About premarital and extramarital sex?  About greed?  About truth?

If any beliefs are being imposed on society I can assure you, they aren’t Christian and they have nothing to do with nor do they stem from Christianity. 

Their roots are not with us- they are with you- the Christless. 

Knox Rebuking Mary, Again…


What Do NT Wright and Jurgen Moltmann and Eric Metaxas Have in Common?

If NT scholars, and theologians, and ‘historians’ were police dogs, this would be them:


Hey Eric Metaxas and Jerry Falwell Jr, Here’s How REAL Theologians Act Towards Politicians

John Knox Reproving Mary, Queen of Scots-


Dilly of the Week Award Winner

To the Pastor who said in a meeting this week:

One of my teachers said it was ok to take a passage from the Bible out of context if you had a good reason to do it.

Here’s your award – and share it with your ignorant teacher.


“The Best of all possible worlds”? Hardly

Florida authorities say they charged a 12-year-old boy for smothering a 4-month-old baby after the boy told a school resource officer that he had killed his nephew.

West Palm Beach police released a probable cause affidavit Friday saying that the boy approached a Riviera Beach police officer at his school on Dec. 10 and told the officer that he placed a pillow over the baby’s face to prevent him from crying.

The report says the infant’s mother had left the baby and two other children in the 12-year-old boy’s care on Dec. 2. When she returned home, she found the baby wasn’t breathing and called 911.

The boy was arrested Wednesday and charged with manslaughter.

Parental neglect pure and simple.  Children being responsible for children is parental irresponsibility.  This is not the best of all possible worlds.  The world would easily be better if parents had any sense at all.


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When You Tell Me You Love Grudem’s Theology…

But all you’ve ever read is Grudem’s theology-


Signs of the Times