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Hey Metaxas, Throckmorton Has Challenged You to Produce Historical Evidence. I Know You Can’t, But It Will Be Fun To Watch You Try

Here’s the challenge:

I challenge Eric Metaxas to bring on an actual historian and/or me to discuss the issues raised recently about his book, If You Can Keep It or this series.

Do it, Eric…. If you dare…

Why Infant Baptism is Wrong


“This Changed Everything” on Vimeo

I reviewed the documentary here.  You can now watch it here.  It is very, very much worth it.

The Bee Stings Mega Church Mindlessness

Cedar Lakes Community Church has issued an apology to its thousands of members and the community at large after a curious would-be visitor successfully managed to access and read its statement of faith in its entirety.

“We can confirm that there was in fact an unprecedented database breach on our servers,” Pastor David Watterson stated in a church-wide email following Wednesday’s fourth and final service. “A tech-savvy and motivated person was able to navigate through our website’s various menus, convoluted submenus, and ambiguous headers to find and read our church’s very theological-sounding statement of faith.” The email went on to apologize for the embarrassing and unfortunate use of the words “inerrant,” “inspired,” and “triune” in the document.

No motive for the breach has been confirmed as of yet, but Watterson has promised the congregation that the utmost care will be taken to ensure that the highly sensitive data will be hidden better in the future.

The real surprise is that a mega church would believe anything given the fact that their pastors only ever believe in money.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump On The Commentary!

Imagine my surprise when I received the following emails today:

Dear Jim, I love the Commentary!


And then this one came!

Dear Jim, I love the Commentary!


Unless, that is, you hate Clinton, in which case she wrote

Dear Jim, I HATE the Commentary and advise everyone against buying it!


Are you really going to let Hillary tell you what to do?

And if you hate Trump, here’s what he wrote:

Dear Jim, I HATE the Commentary and advise everyone against buying it!


Are you really going to let Donald tell you what to do?

So- my fellow Americans- whether you love the candidates or hate them, you’ll love the Commentary!  Get it for an election campaign price of $199.  That’s less than any politician has spent on your vote and the Commentary will actually do you some good!!!!

Buy the PDF’s from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.  Do it now!!!

Index Theologicus

This is perhaps the best bibliographic tool on the web.  Use it.  I’m adding it to the ‘Useful Sites’ section of the sidebar.

A New Essay From David J.A. Clines

On Classical Hebrew! Revising the Hebrew Dictionary (DCH). 6. Reaping, Threshing and Winnowing: Twenty-­‐Four Agricultural Terms Defined.  Enjoy.

Google Translate Fail

As FB users know, FB loves to offer translations of various posts from other lands.  This one, on a new translation of the Bible in German, with it’s ‘Bible in self-righteous language’ is a prime example of why Google translate is rubbish.  Google translate is as ‘good’ as Wikipedia… and as ‘accurate’.


An Invitation to Join the European Academy of Religion


Signs of the Times