Two Men and A Truck: My Experience With the Company

The fog of war (the move) has passed and I think I’ve calmed myself and reflected long enough to objectively describe my experience with Two Men and a Truck in Knoxville.

My daughter was to move from her apartment to her new house on June 3.  I called the local Two Men and a Truck folk and they were super friendly, super helpful, and super all around.  Everything was arranged, the prices were all agreed upon, and the day of the move rolled around.

The truck was 30 minutes late, which set me in a fairly unpleasant mood.  The two young men were nice and friendly but extremely slow.  I understand why someone working by the hour would want to slow things down a bit but the pace of the two youngsters was simply appalling.

For example- I loaded the vast majority of boxes into the elevator and took them to the lower floor and unloaded them, by myself, faster than the two twenty somethings managed to move them from the apartment lobby to the truck.

The slow pace continued when we finally had everything loaded (and I did most of the moving myself) and they asked if it were ok if they stopped to get lunch on the way.  At a drive through.  Sure, I thought.  Everyone needs to eat.

So they left with clear directions to the new address and a gps to find it.  Two hours later I called the dispatcher to find out where they were.  They were almost at the new address, I was informed.

Mind you, I didn’t have to pay for their two hour lunch but does it really take two hours to pick up some burgers or fries?  Especially since I was feeling nice (for once) and had given them $20 to get lunch with- as a tip.

When they finally, lethargically unloaded the truck at the new house they did it with all the haste of a couple of turtles racing to get a glob of lettuce.  Again, I was able to move more boxes more rapidly than the two of them.

They finished, they filled out the form, I signed it, and they left.  I’m 55 and I worked harder than two twenty somethings who I had hired precisely because I’m 55 and I didn’t feel like moving anyone again.  I should have simply rented a U-Haul truck and asked a few friends to lend a hand.  I would have saved hundreds of dollars and an awful lot of aggravation.

Sure, I could have sat back and let them do all the work.  If I wanted it to take 8 or 10 hours and end up paying $1200 or so.

Two Men and a Truck have excellent office help.  The movers… in my experience… not so much.