Most Americans Think that Changing one’s Gender is Perfectly Acceptable

Most Americans see nothing morally wrong with gender change, LifeWay Research finds.  Six in 10 Americans don’t think it’s wrong for people to identify with a gender different from their birth sex, according to the Nashville-based research organization.  And more than half don’t think it’s wrong to switch genders by taking hormones or having surgery.  The findings indicate most Americans don’t see moral significance in being born male or female, said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.

“A majority of Americans reject the view of a creator giving them a gender that shouldn’t be changed,” he said.  “We freely change many things about ourselves—we have cosmetic surgery, we use teeth whitener, we dye our hair, we get tattoos. Many Americans view gender as one more thing on that list.”

Amazing.  Christian nation?  Nope.

One thought on “Most Americans Think that Changing one’s Gender is Perfectly Acceptable

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 21 Jul 2016 at 11:28 am

    Of course this is one more of those examples where people use the terms “Americans” and “Christians” as synonyms. It is subtly done in this quote. Even the text quoted shows that confusion of terms, for whereas they say “A majority of *Americans* reject…” it links those Americans with the idea of a “creator”. If that indicates that they believe a “creator” at all, then, the underlying message is that these Americans are automatically “Christians”, because if one believes a Creator, he must be a Christian if he lives in America (we know that not even that is correct!). The phrase should be honestly stated: “A majority of Americans reject the idea of a creator; that being so, there is no need to remain with one’s birth sex if one is discontent with it.
    When I lived overseas one of the main fallacies I heard about Americans and Christianity was to write and speak in such a way that make both terms to be one and the same and use the confusion to blame Christians for what Americans think and do.
    We are not a Christian nation. We are an American nation. American is a nationality given by geographical birth right. To be a Christian is given by God by the merits of Jesus Christ.
    But, then again, I may be overreacting.


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