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Free Access to an Article of Interest- Overcoming Redemption: Neoliberalism, Atonement, and the Logic of Debt

From the Journal of Political Theology:

This paper discusses and critiques the structure of debt at work in Anselm’s satisfaction theory of atonement and the way in which it resonates with other economic and non-economic mechanisms that neoliberalism uses to create indebted subjects. The first part of this paper uses the work of Maurizio Lazzarato to understand how neoliberalism works to create indebted subjects. The second part of the paper discusses how debt structures Anselm’s satisfaction theory of atonement how the latter resonates with the general sense of indebtedness operative in neoliberalism. The third part of this paper discusses how recent appropriations of the satisfaction theory as an alternative to neoliberalism fail, based on the reading provided in the second part. The conclusion explores alternative theological proposals for thinking beyond the logic of debt.

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20/07/2016 at 6:33 am

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