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The Bee Stings the ‘Self Identifiers’


Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, announced Tuesday that they have filed a class action lawsuit against the XY chromosome pair on behalf of the nation’s transgender, agender, bigender, genderqueer, pangender, third-gender, trigender, and several dozen other gender noncomforming communities.

The XY chromosome pair is allegedly responsible for assigning sex to groups of cells shortly after conception, an action which the ACLU lawyers have deemed clearly prejudicial.

“It’s systemic oppression of the highest order that one chromosome has the ability to characterize people as either male or female, before they even have a say in the matter,” noted Romero in his press announcement. “Of course, we don’t believe that they’re humans, strictly speaking, at the time the discrimination occurs—but we are confident that the courts will continue to rule against biological reality on this and other issues, while applying a legal penalty that is consistent with a hate crime committed against another human being. The precedent is on our side.”

The ACLU is also considering taking legal action against fathers as accessories to the crime, according to sources.

When reached for comment, Dr. Langsdon Maisie, head of bioethics at Columbia University, stated, “While we can confirm that the XY chromosome pair is indeed responsible for assigning sex in newly conceived pseudo-humans, it is difficult to test if the chromosome had discriminatory intent at the time of the act,” adding that they are currently applying for $25 million in federal funding to research the issue further. When asked why the scientific community doesn’t simply explain that the XY chromosome is doing exactly what it is designed to do, he laughed and replied, “Good luck getting any government funding with that attitude.”

If successful in this lawsuit, The ACLU has indicated that they will pursue legal action against the XX chromosome pair as well.

LOL those guys are good.

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The RNC Says Melania Trump Borrowed From (Plagiarized) My Little Pony, Not Michelle Obama…

Not the Onion!

Republicans have come up with a new excuse for Melania Trump’s convention speech plagiarism. According to the RNC, Mrs. Trump may have lifted phrases from My Little Pony, not First Lady Michelle Obama.

Fantastic!  Yeah, go ahead, vote for her husband…

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Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht Have Acquired The Theological Division of Neukirchener Verlagsgesellschaft

VRDie Neukirchener Verlagsgesellschaft hat ihr wissenschaftlich-theologisches Programm an den Göttinger Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht verkauft. Einem entsprechenden Angebot hatten die Aufsichtsräte beider Häuser bereits zugestimmt. Wirksam wird die Übernahme, die jetzt von den Geschäftsführungen beider Verlage in Neukirchen-Vluyn vertraglich besiegelt wurde, zum 1. September dieses Jahres.

Im Rahmen eines Kooperationsvertrages zwischen der Neukirchener Verlagsgesellschaft und Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht ist zudem festgelegt worden, dass die zuständigen Mitarbeiter aus Lektorat und Herstellung das wissenschaftliche Programm von Neukirchen-Vluyn aus vorerst weiter betreuen werden. Entlassungen wird es im Zusammenhang mit der Übernahme nicht geben. Alle in Planung befindlichen  Buchprojekte werden an den neuen Eigentümer übergeben. Die Marke »Neukirchener Theologie« wird für die nächsten fünf Jahre von Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht weiter genutzt. Die Sparte »Neukirchener Aussaat« , in der christliche Belletristik erscheint, sowie der traditionsreiche Neukirchener Kalenderverlag sind von der Übernahme nicht betroffen.

This is big.  Read the rest here.

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Defending Mrs Trump as A Mere Spouter of Platitudes

Fox News et al are defending Mrs Trump and suggesting that she simply shared a number of platitudes the sort or which one hears at every election.

Let’s suppose that’s true.  Mrs Trump likes cliches and is bound to repeat them without any interjection of originality.  This raises a serious issue for Trump’s supporters because- whether they recognize it or not- this makes her quite intellectually deficient.

If the best one can do is spout cliches, one’s intellect is seriously in doubt.  Defending Mrs Trump’s plagiarism with the claim of platitudes doesn’t really help her very much.  Indeed, it doesn’t really help her at all.


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News Flash Mrs Trump…

Stealing ideas is still stealing.  Theft of ideas is still theft.  Passing off the ideas of others unattributed is still dishonest.  Stealing 7% of a loaf of bread is still immoral.

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Dear Church, Stop Trying to Be So Mystical (Esoteric)

Read this interview, which begins

Sie haben in einem Leserbrief ablehend auf die Nacht der Spiritualität reagiert, die von den beiden Landeskirchen vor kurzem in Winterthur organisiert wurde. Anlass für ihre Kritik war die Einladung eines Heilers. Hat Esoterik in den Kirchen keinen Platz?

Stephan Denzler*: Man muss einfach vorsichtig sein. Esoterik ist nicht gleich Esoterik. Es kann gefährlich sein, wenn man beispielsweise an magische Kräfte glaubt. Esoterische Praxis kann Menschen verletzen und zu psychischen Schäden führen. Wenn man aufgrund eines Pendelausschlages oder spiritistischer Eingebungen Entscheide trifft, ist das höchst problematisch.

Etc.  And amen.

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Melania Trump: Plagiarist

NPR has the story.

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