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Signs of the Times


Since America Has No Interest in God Any Longer…


He Stole a Brain in Embalming Fluid, and Used the Fluid to Get High

A central Pennsylvania man was charged Thursday after police say he sprayed fluid used to embalm a human brain on marijuana that he then smoked.  State police in Carlisle charged 26-year-old Joshua Lee Long with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy.  Court records indicate Long’s aunt contacted detectives on June 21 after finding a human brain in a department store bag under a porch while cleaning out a trailer.  Long allegedly told her during a phone conversation from the Cumberland County jail that he used the formaldehyde-soaked pot to get high.  “The defendant related that he knew it was illegal to have the brain and that he and (another man) would spray the embalming fluid on ‘weed’ to get high,” wrote Trooper John Boardman, the investigator.

And that’s how addled you are when you’re on drugs.

America’s Slide to Annihilation Continues Unabated

Three police officers have been shot dead in Baton Rouge, La., and others may have been wounded, authorities said Sunday. The three officers were shot near the department headquarters, Baton Route Mayor Kip Holden told MSNBC. At least four others were injured in the shooting, he said. “They are investigating,” he said. “Right now we are trying to get our arms around everything.” Two Baton Rouge police officers and one East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy are dead, according to WBRZ-TV’s Michael Vinsanau. The gunman was shot, a Louisiana State Police spokesman said, but his condition was not immediately clear.

A country that lives in such violence daily is doomed to a violent end.

Go Make Disciples…

If what happens at your Church today doesn’t have something to do with making disciples, you should go somewhere else.