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Why We Should Stop Calling Evildoers Terrorists

When a madman drives a truck into a crowd he isn’t a terrorist, he’s wicked.  When a disgruntled unhappy man guns down people in a club he isn’t a terrorist, he’s evil.

When we use the word terrorist we are – unconsciously – giving these miscreants an out; we are providing them with a ready made defense because they can now respond to us ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  Americans fighting against the British in the Revolultionary War used the tactics of terrorism.  Jews fighting for a homeland against the native Arab population used the tactics of terrorism.  Those terrorists are now deemed heroes…’

But when we call them evil for maiming, killing, butchering, slaughtering they have no hiding place in which to retreat.  They are robbed of their justification.  Now, they are simply evildoers.  Murderers.  Killers.  Child murderers.

The cold truth is, these people aren’t committing acts of terror because they are driven by some higher ideal which justifies itself as a means to an end.  They are wicked monsters who, like all monsters, need to be put down for the benefit of all.

They aren’t terrorists, they’re the slaves of evil doing their vile master’s will.

Written by Jim

15/07/2016 at 10:28 am

Posted in Modern Culture