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Luther’s Small Catechism – The App

Pretty cool, Fortress.

Amateurs: We Are Riddled With them in Biblical Studies- So It’s Nice to See Them Branching Out Into Other Fields..

dilly-the-dilettanteSo folk can see the outcome of their efforts.  If biblical dilettantism is ok, why then, well, so is this.

A man who cut off an acquaintance’s testicle in a motel room, having replied to an advert asking for assistance with a “medical issues,” has pleaded guilty to a number of charges in a local court at Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

The alleged victim had posted a message online seeking help as he could not afford to pay for treatment through proper channels. According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the 52-year-old man had been kicked in the groin by a horse some years earlier, after which he had experienced persistent problems with his left testicle.

He met with Allan George Matthews, 57,  at a motel in Port Macquarie on May 16, at which time Mr Matthews removed the offending organ.

A week later the man visited hospital seeking treatment after the wound became infected. His visit triggered a police investigation, and on June 23 Mr Matthews’ home was raided by officers who medical equipment, several bottles suspected to contain amyl nitrate, and seven firearms.

Doing to ‘surgery’ what dilettantes have been doing to the Bible for centuries.

Another Republican Politician Who Has A Reprehensible Personal Habit

Results of an investigation into alleged inappropriate behavior of former Tennessee House Whip Jeremy Durham were released Wednesday. The documents outline Durham’s alleged interactions with 22 women since 2012. Of those alleged incidents, 13 occurred between 2012 and 2014, eight in 2015 and one this year. Durham is accused of making “sexually suggestive” comments to a lobbyist, saying he “expected something in return for supporting her bill.”

In 2014, the lawmaker reportedly served alcohol to a 20-year-old female college student in his state legislative office and then had sex with her. The woman, who was a political worker at the time, said Durham told her his marriage was “not going to work out.” Durham and the woman reportedly had sex in his office a second time on the night he was elected as Majority Party Whip. At one point, Durham is alleged to have invited that same woman over to his home where they had sex. The woman said there was no mention of Durham’s wife at that time. An intern, according to the documents, also reported Durham tried to kiss her last year.

He’ll be President one day

Molech on the Supreme Court

It really makes perfect sense.

Growing anxious that the Senate would not approve previous nominee Judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama announced Thursday that he would be pushing through newly selected nominee Molech of Canaan to be the nation’s 113th Supreme Court justice.

“Molech, the fiery devourer of the young, is more than qualified for the position,” Obama said in a White House press conference at which he introduced the idol. “Furthermore, he has proven his advocacy for women’s rights by calling for the barbaric sacrifice of babies—any time, for any reason—as acceptable and appeasing offerings. He’ll fit right in on the bench.”

The President further revealed that he and his cabinet had sifted through over three hundred qualified candidates as contenders to fill the seat on the court created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, all of whom were ancient pagan gods who demanded child sacrifice to satiate their anger or to grant prosperity. “In the end, it came down to Tlaloc of the Aztecs, the malevolent spirits of the Mayans, and of course, Molech the annihilator of babes.” He went on to state that while any of the gods who demanded child sacrifice would have been impeccable candidates to steer the court’s decisions on key issues like abortion, Molech’s consistent track record of obliterating society’s offspring gave him the edge.

He’ll really, really fit right in.

She Was Possessed by a Monkey, Not a Cannibalistic Ghost…

Best video ever….  And completely ridiculous.

Watch as woman says a ‘pop’ – a creature in Thai folklore – comes into her body and demands pigs’ blood as she writhes around and shrieks in agony.

Completely ridiculous (and not a cannibal, a monkey…).

The Bee Stings the Piper-ites

Slam dunk

Everyone needs time off, and veteran teaching pastor John Terry of Grace Church Milwaukee is no exception. After several sessions of prayer and discussion with the church’s elder board, Terry announced Thursday that he will be embarking on a three month sabbatical in order to carefully discern John Piper’s will for his life.

“Even at the height of his popularity, our Savior took time to pray, meditate, and commune with the Father,” Terry said in his announcement, according to sources. “Our souls crave that alone time, where we can reflect on the glory of God as revealed in John Piper’s books and try to get a clear glimpse of what he would have us do in our daily walk.”

The preacher further stated that he would be engaging many of Piper’s inspired writings using meditation, prayer, and conferencing with family members and several trusted friends.

“I look forward to this precious time of communion with John Piper, and expect to be back in three months refreshed and ready to work, with a renewed vision of where John Piper is leading me in my private and pastoral life.”

Next, he’ll strive to discern John MacArthur’s will for his life too…

Europe Doesn’t Need to Travel all the Way to America for the AAR Anymore…

They’ll soon have their own opportunity to meet if they’d rather stay closer to home-

On December 5, 2016, the Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII in Bologna will host the kick-off meeting of the European Academy of Religion: a framework of research and exchange of scholars of religious studies in the broader sense, coming from the Mediterranean and Europe.

Hon. Valerio Onida and Professor Alberto Melloni on behalf of the Foundation for Religious Studies, together with the Rector of the University of Bologna Francesco Ubertini and the Minister for Education, University and Research Stefania Giannini, are glad to invite you to join the launching event of the European Academy of Religion in Bologna, on December 5th 2016, under the patronage of the European Parliament.

Scholars, Representatives of Scientific Societies and Academies, Research Centers and Political Authorities are invited to the meeting, which will be honored by the presence and the keynote addresses of Commissioner Carlos Moedas and Professor Romano Prodi.

Several thousand Scholars coming from Europe and the Mediterranean Countries participate in the Fall in the Annual Convention of the American Academy of Religion: they are independent esteemed scholars, working in the field of law, history, philosophy, archeology, psychology, sociology, etc., concerning the religious experience in its variety and diachronic extension.

Read more in the PDF.

Beginning in December, they will be able to meet much closer to home.

Happy Bastille Day!

Our friends at V&R remind us-

227 Jahre ist er her, der Sturm auf die Bastille, Auftakt der Französischen Revolution!

Wie sah die Revolution aus der Sicht ihrer Mitlebenden und deren Nachkommen aus? Welche Rolle spielten die Zeugen und ihre Memoiren im kontroversen Großereignis »Französische Revolution«? Warum schließlich beförderte gerade die Epoche der Restauration nach 1814 eine Publikationswelle von Memoiren über die Revolution?

All das gibt es nachzulesen in: Anna Karla – »Revolution als Zeitgeschichte. Memoiren der Französischen Revolution in der Restaurationszeit«

The French have always known how to be revolting…