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Jesus Never Said ‘If Pokemon be lifted up it will draw all men to me…’ But that’s not Stopping the Madness

There are marketing firms urging churches to capitalize (I think they mean that literally) on the Pokemon go craze.

What’s the problem?  The problem is that the whole notion that if people are outside your church building looking for imaginary video creatures even if you somehow manage to get them in the doors to worship God almighty, they will somehow turn to faith.

They aren’t at your church for faith.  And they won’t stay there for it either.  It’s the Holy Spirit who draws people to Christ and any other means or method or marketing ploy will end in either a false decision or worse, an unreal one.

Jesus said it best when he said ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to myself’.  That’s the only evangelistic method that works.  Everything else is spiritual fraud and makes spiritual stillborns.

Jesus tells us to make disciples, not gamers.  If your church is making gamers, you’ve simply failed and you need to repent.

Written by Jim

13/07/2016 at 3:33 pm