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Millennials and Cats: An Observation

Millennials and cats are identical both ontologically and existentially.  When you understand the nature and character of a cat, you understand the nature and character of a Millennial.

Quote of the Day

“I do not know how those who like to have nails much longer than necessary can keep them free of dirt” – Cyril of Alexandria

The Bee Stings Paula White and Donald Trump’s Self Serving ‘Belief’

After it was reported that she had “led him to Christ,” sources confirmed that Paula White, televangelist and Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Florida, is actively advising Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on how to shamelessly exploit the name of Jesus Christ for personal gain.

White, who has decades of experience misusing Christ’s name for extravagant monetary profit, has become Trump’s “spiritual adviser,” according to sources, and looks to leverage her expertise to help the Republican frontrunner prostitute the Son of God’s name in return for evangelical votes.

“She started by reportedly getting [Trump] to say the ‘sinner’s prayer,’ which, just right there, was a shrewd move, and will get a good chunk of evangelicals to absent-mindedly declare him a Christian,” noted political analyst Michael Kelly. “She’s teaching him how to manipulate people by perverting the name of Jesus, the gospel, the Bible, and any other sacred thing he can get his hands on, in order to benefit himself—basically, what she’s been doing since the early 90s.”

“These slimy prosperity gospel tactics translate well into the political realm, for obvious reasons,” the expert added.

Bravo, Bee, Bravo.

You Can’t Trust Anyone Who Doesn’t Know When Luther Died

I sure hope the EKD didn’t actually put this together… Because… #LutherFail


An Offer for Church Bible Study Groups and Small Groups

The Commentary is being made available to church Bible study groups and small groups for a special group price:  $150.  For that price you have the freedom to distribute the entire Commentary, in PDF, to all the members of your Church Bible study group or small group.


That’s correct- you can get the commentary for every person in your study group for one price.  Simply paypal $150 by clicking this link and following the Paypal instructions and the zip file will be mailed to you straightaway.  Then feel free to distribute it to the members of your study group.

This is being done for two reasons:  1) to aid churches in equipping members to understand the Bible and 2), to help Bible study leaders provide reliable and scripturally sound resources for the members of their group.

NB- Of course this special licensing agreement is enforceable only on your honor and at your word.  If you obtain the Commentary and distribute it to members of your group they are kindly requested to refrain from sharing or sending the volumes to anyone else.  Any violation of this agreement will result only in a guilty conscience for the person or persons who share the materials without authorization.

A Septuagint Conference Volume

Jim Davila has the info on this book: Die Septuaginta – Orte und Intentionen
5. Internationale Fachtagung veranstaltet von Septuaginta Deutsch (LXX.D), Wuppertal 24.-27. Juli 2014, Hrsg. v. Siegfried Kreuzer, Martin Meiser u. Marcus Sigismund, in Verb. m. Martin Karrer u. Wolfgang Kraus