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What is Faith?

Properly used or misused, faith is and always will be a means of becoming firmly convinced of a thing, and of making this conviction the starting-point of conduct, while for this conviction no empirical or demonstrative proof is offered or found. Faith can never be anything else but an immediate act of our consciousness, by which certainty is established in that consciousness on any point outside of observation or demonstration. — Abraham Kuyper

The Latest Emergent Fad: Ecusexualism…


What is it to Preach a Sermon?

To preach a sermon I think is not the hardest part. And yet what skill is necessary to make plain the truth, to convince the hearers, to let in the irresistible light into their consciences and to keep it there, and drive all home, to screw the truth into their minds and work Christ into their affections, to meet every objection that gainsays and clearly to resolve it, to drive sinners to a stand and make them see there is no hope, but they must unavoidably be converted or condemned, and to do all this so for language and manner as is worthy of our work, and yet as is most suitable to the capacities of our hearers. This, and a great deal more that should be done in every sermon, should surely be done with a great deal of holy skill. So great a God, whose message we deliver, should be honored by our delivery of it! – RICHARD BAXTER

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A Travel Advisory Has Been Issued… Warning About… America

Well… doesn’t that say something about this country…

The Dream Team

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Gute Nacht du Falsche Welt

Be On the Lookout…

For David Beadle’s recently completed PhD dissertation titled The ‘Divine’ Confused and Abused: Cultural Memories of Royal Ritual Netherworld Descent and Heavenly Ascent in the Hebrew Bible.

If you ever see that author’s name or that volume title, you’ll want to read it.  I know I do.

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Total Depravity: The Robbing the Dead Edition

A Greenbrier woman is accused of stealing a man’s wallet after he was killed in a crash in front of her home.  Brittney McCoy was arrested on July 7 and charged with theft, burglary, tampering with evidence and fraudulent use of a credit card.  Greenbrier police alleged McCoy stole items, including a wallet, from Ronald Clinard and his vehicle after he was killed in a traffic accident in front of her residence on July 1.  Clinard’s wallet was stolen from his body and his credit card was used by McCoy at a nearby convenience store to purchase beer, cigarettes and other items.

Total depravity… that’s what it is.

OK America, Let’s Have a Contest…

Let’s see how long you can go without shooting someone either accidentally or intentionally.  Starting…. NOW!