Mark Leuchter on the Dallas Shooting

Let me preface this by saying- I could not agree more.

Last night, during the Dallas sniper attacks, a stray bullet hit the window of a 7-Eleven. When the window broke, people came in and started looting the place.

Police responded, and formed a barrier around the shop to stop further looting. The would be looters who remained stood there and began taunting the police officers, laughing and celebrating the death of their comrades.

My mind immediately went to people in the West Bank and Gaza who celebrate in the streets the death of innocent Israeli civilians at the hands of terrorists.

I remain outraged, with so many of you, at the ongoing violence visited upon innocent black people in this country at the hands of police officers who may have had other options besides deadly force. But this response…it sickens me just as much. Some reactions, and some people, are grotesque and cruel. They cannot be accepted or tolerated regardless of the social context. We have to draw the line at dehumanizing ideologies and actions emanating from ALL directions. Celebrating the death of an innocent, irrespective of what type of uniform they may or may not wear, is evil.