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Whence Violence and Hatred Spring

Violence and hatred are conceived in the womb of godlessness.

An Open Letter to America

Dear America,

Put away your guns.  Use your words.

Your friend,


The Stench of Spreading Wickedness

The filth of wickedness begets filthy wickedness-

Highway gunman in Bristol motivated by police shootings.


I think this is fantastic:


Come Lord Jesus: The Babylon Bee Nails it Again

Reacting in stunned disbelief upon waking up to yet another barrage of horrific reports Friday detailing even more tragic acts of violent death which have occurred since the last time they checked the news, Christians across America reportedly closed their eyes, thought to themselves, “This can’t be happening,” and collectively sighed deeply before saying aloud, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

“I was already mentally paralyzed from the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile videos,” said 27-year-old Jamie Eason from St. Louis, MO. “Then I wake up to read about all these cops getting murdered. I—I just can’t . . . what is happening?” She then trailed off before composing herself to mutter, “Please, Jesus, please return soon.”

Echoing Eason’s state of despondent shock was Jeff Willingham, 43, from Sammamish, WA, who noted that this year’s unceasingly tragic narrative has left him expecting calamity to strike at any time as he becomes more and more distrusting of those around him. “But even my deep and growing cynicism can’t keep up with reality—is this even real?” he said, shaking his head, before petitioning God to return and set things right.

“Maranatha!” confirmed millions of other American Christians, adding that they are “afraid to check the news,” they “cant take one more video of someone dying,” they’re “afraid for their loved ones,” and “our world is falling apart before our very eyes.”

“Come, Lord!” they added.

Mark Leuchter on the Dallas Shooting

Let me preface this by saying- I could not agree more.

Last night, during the Dallas sniper attacks, a stray bullet hit the window of a 7-Eleven. When the window broke, people came in and started looting the place.

Police responded, and formed a barrier around the shop to stop further looting. The would be looters who remained stood there and began taunting the police officers, laughing and celebrating the death of their comrades.

My mind immediately went to people in the West Bank and Gaza who celebrate in the streets the death of innocent Israeli civilians at the hands of terrorists.

I remain outraged, with so many of you, at the ongoing violence visited upon innocent black people in this country at the hands of police officers who may have had other options besides deadly force. But this response…it sickens me just as much. Some reactions, and some people, are grotesque and cruel. They cannot be accepted or tolerated regardless of the social context. We have to draw the line at dehumanizing ideologies and actions emanating from ALL directions. Celebrating the death of an innocent, irrespective of what type of uniform they may or may not wear, is evil.

A New Essay by Israel Finkelstein

Does Rehob in the Beth-shean Valley appear in the Bible,  has just appeared in Biblische Notizen.

Abstract: Rehob in the Beth-shean Valley was a center of a Late Bronze city-state and is later mentioned in the Sheshonq I list. Tel Rehov is one of the most prominent Bronze and Iron Ages sites in Canaan / Israel. Yet, according to the conventional wisdom Rehob is not mentioned in the Bible. Here I suggest that Rehob of 2Sam 10:6, 8 refers to the town in the Beth-shean Valley. I also propose to view these verses and the tradition regarding Hadadezer king of Zobah in 2Sam 8:3, 5, 12; 1Kgs 11:23 as a case in biblical historiography, in which the author created a story from separate “memories”, that originated from different centuries.

Racist Joe Walsh

joe walsh_o9zcow

War?  Punks?  ‘Real America’?  Joe Walsh, you are a despicable racist and the very sort of person likely to kill someone just because of the color of their skin.  You disgust me.  You are what’s wrong with America.  In spades.

“Prayers To…”

Might I remind Christians – sending your ‘prayers to #Dallas’ is pointless.  Direct them to God who alone is our only hope.  You can pray “for” Dallas but ‘prayers to the families’ or ‘prayers to Dallas’ or any of that sort of silliness is really just idolatry.

The Bonhoeffer Effect

What is the Bonhoeffer effect?  It is the notion that violence is sometimes justified.  Shockingly, Bonhoeffer has Christians among his supporters and the belief that violence can sometimes be perpetrated with justification is the centerpiece of much modern behavior.

Bonhoeffer has given tacit approval to violence in all its forms.

Sick of The Violence in this Country

So I agree… completely-


Your Church Has Lost the Plot…

When the thing you’re proudest of is the organ and not the proclamation of the Word.


5 Dead 6 Injured…. Dallas

5police officers have been murdered and 6 more injured by at least 4 shooters in Dallas…

America is sick to its core.  Every issue or disagreement or protest ends in violence and we are incapable of anything else.  Our motto should be ‘have a problem? Pull a gun out’.

It’s sickening.