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Go Ahead, You Evil Beasts, Keep Leaving Your Guns Lying Around

A 3-year-old Southern California girl who came upon a loaded gun accidentally shot herself in the head and died, Lemoore police said Wednesday. The girl, who was visiting from out of town, found the gun in a bedroom, police said.  Her name is not being released because of her age, Lemoore police Detective Matthew Smith said. He said she was almost 4.  The tragic incident happened Saturday at an apartment in the 800 block of Dogwood Avenue. Lemoore police released information about the shooting on Wednesday.

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So go ahead, you evil unthinking uncaring blind beasts, keep leaving your guns lying around so children can kill themselves and you can live for the rest of your lives with the knowledge that you put a gun into a child’s hand because you were thoughtless and mindless and careless.

Written by Jim

07/07/2016 at 8:19 am

Posted in Modern Culture

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  1. YES!!!! …And evil beasts, continue to replace your 6 to 8 lbs trigger for an after market 2,5 lbs to make it easy for children to squeeze them… and keep leaving your modified, feather-light trigger chambered guns laying around where there is children, and then, after you mourn the results of your own stupidity, complain that other gun owners despise you and believe that you are the reason guns have such a bad reputation and should not have access to guns. No legitimate gun owner, who took the NRA courses, (not just paid the fees and membership dues), who understands that guns aren’t toys, that their very purpose makes them deadly when misused, would be so careless… Don’t complain that gun owners like these believe that you should not be allowed to own a gun until such time as you prove yourself to be responsible!


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