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An Open Letter to the Several Sinful Wretches Who Were Sent Various of the Commentaries to Review, and Never Did

Dear slacker (and you know who you are, wretched soul),

the-person-the-pew-commentary-seriesMany months ago you received, at no cost to yourself, at your request, a copy of part of the Commentary series written by myself and published by Quartz Hill Publishing.  You received said volume upon your oath as a gentleman and honest soul that you would read it and in due course provide a response, at your discretion, as you saw fit.  Whether positive or negative, according to your own point of view.

Though many months have passed you have yet to provide that which you promised.  This makes you, to be charitable, a bit of a deceiver.  Do you frequently collect things upon an oath and never provide the promised return?  I suspect you do.  Being dishonest in one aspect of life indicates a dishonest life lived.

Did you simply wish a book?  Books, believe it or not, slacker sinner, are the outcome of very intense labor.  They don’t fall from the sky like manna.  As such, when you request one to review, you are literally requesting someone else’s very hard work.  That you can, and should, benefit from the labors of another, to your own enrichment, without the required recompense, makes you a thief of another’s efforts.

Sleep well, thief.  If you can.

Written by Jim

07/07/2016 at 1:24 pm

Posted in Books, Modern Culture