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Signs of the Times


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Giovanni Garbini and Minimalism

Giovanni Garbini and Minimalism – Article From: Finding Myth and History in the Bible: Scholarship, Scholars and Errors (Equinox Publishing, 2016), By Thomas L. Thompson,

In Bible and Interpretation.

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An Open Letter to the Several Sinful Wretches Who Were Sent Various of the Commentaries to Review, and Never Did

Dear slacker (and you know who you are, wretched soul),

the-person-the-pew-commentary-seriesMany months ago you received, at no cost to yourself, at your request, a copy of part of the Commentary series written by myself and published by Quartz Hill Publishing.  You received said volume upon your oath as a gentleman and honest soul that you would read it and in due course provide a response, at your discretion, as you saw fit.  Whether positive or negative, according to your own point of view.

Though many months have passed you have yet to provide that which you promised.  This makes you, to be charitable, a bit of a deceiver.  Do you frequently collect things upon an oath and never provide the promised return?  I suspect you do.  Being dishonest in one aspect of life indicates a dishonest life lived.

Did you simply wish a book?  Books, believe it or not, slacker sinner, are the outcome of very intense labor.  They don’t fall from the sky like manna.  As such, when you request one to review, you are literally requesting someone else’s very hard work.  That you can, and should, benefit from the labors of another, to your own enrichment, without the required recompense, makes you a thief of another’s efforts.

Sleep well, thief.  If you can.

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Responding to Disparaging Critics of One’s Commentary

jeromeSt. Jerome, that greatest of all the Church Fathers (and the only one with any sense at all), wrote

I pay little heed to the ravings of disparaging critics who revile not only my words, but the very syllables of my words, and suppose they give evidence of some little knowledge if they discredit another man’s work, as was exemplified in that ignorant traducer [Pelagius] who lately broke out, and thought it worth his while to censure my commentaries on Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians.

He does not understand the rules of commenting (for he is more asleep than awake and seems utterly dazed), and is not aware that in our books we give the opinions of many different writers, the authors’ names being either expressed or understood, so that it is open to the reader to decide which he may prefer to adopt; although I must add that, in my Preface to the First Book of that work, I gave fair notice that my remarks would be partly my own, partly those of other commentators, and that thus the commentary would be the work conjointly of the ancient writers and of myself.

And that, my friends, is how you respond to people who wish to criticize (in a not helpful but merely demeaning way) your work.

Speaking of commentaries… you should get this one!

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Driving to SBL 2016

I mention it only because if you are along the way and need a ride I’m happy to have you along.  If you want to help with gas that’s cool (it’s a Prius).  If not, you can just buy food.  So if you’re on the route map, and don’t want to fly or drive your own car…

First come first served.  I’m leaving on the Thursday before SBL begins, staying somewhere overnight, and finishing up the next day early on.  And I’m returning on the Tuesday the conference ends and driving straight through.  Yes, I’m leaving very early.


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Go Ahead, You Evil Beasts, Keep Leaving Your Guns Lying Around

A 3-year-old Southern California girl who came upon a loaded gun accidentally shot herself in the head and died, Lemoore police said Wednesday. The girl, who was visiting from out of town, found the gun in a bedroom, police said.  Her name is not being released because of her age, Lemoore police Detective Matthew Smith said. He said she was almost 4.  The tragic incident happened Saturday at an apartment in the 800 block of Dogwood Avenue. Lemoore police released information about the shooting on Wednesday.

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So go ahead, you evil unthinking uncaring blind beasts, keep leaving your guns lying around so children can kill themselves and you can live for the rest of your lives with the knowledge that you put a gun into a child’s hand because you were thoughtless and mindless and careless.

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Triggerhappy Much? The Execution of Philando Castile

A Minnesota officer fatally shot a man in a car with a woman and a child, an official said, and authorities are looking into whether the aftermath was livestreamed in a widely shared Facebook video, which shows a woman in a vehicle with a man whose shirt appears to be soaked in blood telling the camera that “police just shot my boyfriend for no apparent reason.”


So according to the report on NPR this morning, the car was stopped and the driver was asked for his license and when he reached for it the cop shot him.  Question one- why did the cop have his weapon drawn for a traffic stop?  I’ve been stopped and the cops have never had their gun out when they walked up to the car.  Not once.  Question two- if the driver was complying, why was the triggerhappy cop feeling threatened?

Finally, an observation:  the voice of the cop on the facebook livestream is the voice of a person who knows he’s done something wrong.  Listen to it, you’ll see what I mean.

This appears to be one of those really wicked ‘he’s black so he must be a threat to me’ reactions by yet another officer of the law.  Were I a black man in America, I would live stream every encounter with the cops I ever had.

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Quote of the Day

When I have nothing more to say I stop talking. — Martin Luther

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