The Bee Stings the ‘Discernment’ Pentebabbleists


From behind the screen of his computer, in the humble makeshift office in his unfinished basement, discernment blogger and self-described polemicist Keith Frye takes on all of Christendom, exposing dangerous, unsound teachings for the edification of his hundreds of readers—“separating the wheat from the chaff,” as he puts it.

In a move that is sure to place him atop the totem pole of influential Christian watchblogs, Frye made a compelling case Tuesday that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was in fact an insufferable heretic whose dangerous teachings led countless souls away from pure, biblical Christianity.

“Christ was not a Christian—not in any sense of the term,” he wrote in his 1000-word manifesto, titled “Son of God, Son of Heresy,” in which he accused Jesus of “cheapening God’s grace” while “neglecting doctrine for the sake of a social gospel—which is no gospel at all.”

LOL.  Oh pentebabbleists…