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Canaanites and their Imported Sacrificial Beasts

The ancient Canaanites living in Gath some 5,000 years ago weren’t sacrificing their own livestock to appease the gods. They were importing animals from ancient Egypt, archaeologists have now proven.

A donkey, as well as some sheep and goats whose remains were found in Early Bronze Age layers at Gath dating to 4900 years ago turn out to have been born and bred in the Nile valley.The discovery at the archaeological site of Tell el-Safi shows that animals were part of the extensive trading relations between the Old Kingdom of Egypt and Early Bronze Age Canaan (circa 2900-2500 BCE).

“That there were trade connections between Egypt and Canaan in the Early Bronze Age is not new. The fact that animals were a part of the trade – and that they went from Egypt to Canaan – is very interesting,” Aren Maeir, head of the excavations in Gath, told Haaretz.

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Written by Jim

05/07/2016 at 6:16 am

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  1. Wow religious sacrifice is seriously business in the ANE in more ways than one…



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