Here’s What Luther Thinks of the Pope Making Saints

lutherAMONG his other abominations, the Roman bishop (if that basilisk of the Church of God and plague of the world can be called a bishop) has also now for some three hundred years made this claim for himself: namely, that he thinks that he is permitted to appoint and create new gods daily in the Church, whichever ones he pleases, as he canonizes dead “saints” (as they are called) and orders us to worship them and to call upon them and to honor them on feast days, persons whose faith or actual deeds he could not possibly know.

With this frightening display of insanity he demonstrates that he really is that one who sits in the temple of God and presents himself as though he were God [2 Thess. 2:4], raised and exalted against and above the true God. And again, having thus ascended into the highest heaven, he descended at the same time also to the lowest depths of hell [cf. Eph. 4:10], and not only did he make himself lord of purgatory, snatching out souls at his whim—sometimes out of partiality, sometimes for money, however it seemed good to him—but he also made himself lord of hell itself, condemning the dead and deciding who was heretical, even though he did not know either their life or their teaching, except insofar as he had observed that they taught and acted in opposition to his own abominations.

What, I ask, is this, but establishing himself as judge of the living and the dead, indeed as the lord in charge of creating gods and devils, once that true Judge of the living and the dead whom the true God established has been cast out? This is what Daniel predicted about this latest monstrosity of a basileus [a king] (I wanted to say “basilisk”) that is to appear in the last times, namely, that he would build and worship his own new gods, whom his fathers did not know, made from gold, silver, gems, and precious stones, etc. [Dan. 11:38].

In the “Preface to John Hus, Some Very Godly and Erudite Letters, Sufficient of Themselves to Show That the Godliness of the Papists Is Satanic Madness [1414–16]: 1537,”