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The Seminary Student Who Went To Mexico to Buy Infants for Sex Has Been Sentenced

To a paltry 15 years.

A former Ohio seminary student who pleaded guilty to trying to adopt and buy baby girls in Mexico so he could sexually molest them was sentenced in San Diego Friday to more than 15 years behind bars.  In April, Joel Alexander Wright, 23, admitted to seeking sex with infants he wanted to adopt from Tijuana. He will serve 188 months in federal custody, the office of U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, of the Southern District, confirmed.  At Wright’s sentencing, U.S. District Judge Dana M. Sabraw also imposed the added condition of lifetime supervision.  In his plea agreement, Wright admitted he had written numerous explicit emails in which he described, in graphic detail, his desire to sexually assault girls under the age of 4 in Mexico.

15 years doesn’t suffice.  When he gets out, he will offend again.  Remember the name.  You’ll hear it again.

Trinitarian Heresies

The truth is to be maintained against calumniators who evade it by quibbling. Of this, we of the present day have too much experience in being constantly called upon to attack the enemies of pure and sound doctrine. These slippery snakes escape by their swift and tortuous windings, if not strenuously pursued, and when caught, firmly held. — Calvin

American Christians And Their Celebration of Independence

Today many, many thousands of American Christians celebrated their independence. From Christ. By refusing to worship. #ChristianIndependenceLooksWeird

Donald Trump… And Farah

Richard Bartholomew has it.

The Church of England May Ban Mankinis In the Pulpit…

This must be a crushing blow to the Priests who want to wear mankinis….

The Church of England is considering changing ecclesiastical law specifically to make it illegal for clergy appearing at the altar dressed in overly revealing clothing.

While the prospect of vicars in lacy underwear or bishops in mankinis might seem outlandish – at least in most congregations – it is an apparent peril which has so vexed Church officials that they are planning to amend canon law to prevent it – just in case.

Well… that pretty much sums up things in England these days.


The Archbishop of York and the Archbishop of Canterbury before they ascend the Pulpit

On Those Ringing Phones During Worship: An Observation

The question isn’t really ‘why did your phone ring during worship’. The question is ‘who is so unfamiliar with your Christian faith that they called you during worship’.



As Stupidity Continues to Unfurl Itself: Signs of the Times


No matter how hard society tries to normalize deviance, it will not be successful.

Why You Can’t Trust The Media To Get the Bible Right

They can’t even get Noah right…