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The Bible As Cultural Property: A Cautionary Tale

Great stuff from Neil Asher Silberman (so be sure to read it all).  He begins-

Is the Bible cultural property? The answer to that question seems obvious, for few Christian or Jewish religious leaders, humanities scholars, heritage policymakers, legal experts, or even secularized members of the general public in most world regions would deny that it is cultural property, at least in a generalized sense. Indeed, the Bible meets the main criteria that international heritage organizations (chief among them, UNESCO) use to distinguish cultural heritage properties from other cultural forms and creative expressions. The Bible is accorded special reverence as both tangible artifact and intangible religious tradition; it plays a central role in shaping community identity; and many of its core narrative components have been passed down, from generation to generation over almost two millennia in substantially unchanged form (Tov 2011). As a rich compendium of religious lore, genealogies, histories, symbols, metaphors, and turns-of-phrase, the Bible’s epic tales of Creation, Deluge, wandering Patriarchs, and Exodus from slavery to freedom contain a vast treasury of cultural symbols, folktales, historical narratives, and moral lessons shared and variously interpreted by the world’s approximately 2.2 billion Christians and 14 million Jews. Yet if the Bible fulfills criteria normally used to characterize cultural property, who does it belong to and exactly what kind of cultural property would it be?

The Economist and Grammar

The Economist can hardly criticize anyone else’s grammatical errors when their own are just as appalling.  It’s ‘to’ not ‘too’ and ‘who’s’ not ‘whoose’…   Remove your own beam, Economist.


Kids and Games and God

Children will never be as enthusiastic about worship and bible study as they are about sports and games untill their parents are.

Cardinal Ratzinger on Slippery Sexuality

Nail on the head, over 30 years ago-



24 Hours


Total Depravity: The Thieving Pastors Edition

A Nashville area pastor and his associate were arrested and charged Friday with securing state grant money for an addiction treatment program that didn’t exist. Clinton Lewis, 48, of Hermitage, and Andre Trice, 38, of Antioch, are each charged with four counts of theft.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says they learned between 2011 and 2015, Lewis, a pastor at Mt. Hopewell Baptist Church, and Trice fraudulently received more than $60,000 in grant money from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

The money was supposed to be used for an addiction recovery program operated as part of the Mt. Hopewell Baptist Church. TBI alleges none of the clients on the list submitted to the state actually received any of the money, and some were actually deceased or incarcerated. They also say the persons listed as active counselors in the program did not think it was still in existence.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Put Your Guns Away

Why is it so hard for our ‘well regulated militia’ gun owners to understand that guns shouldn’t be left where children can get them.  And children can get them in most places.  When you leave your gun out, you endanger your kids.  Get it?  Is it sinking in yet?  No?  Oh well…

A 3-year-old died after he accidentally shot himself in the face. It happened shortly before 5:30 p.m. Friday in the 800 block of Samantha Lane in Clarksville. The toddler was vising from Fort Riley, Kansas, with his family. He shot himself with a .40-caliber handgun that belonged to the homeowner.

He was taken to Tennova Healthcare-Clarksville in critical condition but passed away a short time later. Clarksville officials said this appears to be an accidental shooting. No criminal charges have been filed at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.

Lord have mercy.