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Rick Warren… A Man With… An Ego

This ‘press release’ just appeared on the RNS website.  I didn’t know that RNS accepted paid ‘press releases’ but apparently they do.  Anyway, the press release, put out by Warren’s group, has two interesting features:

1- Warren boasts of the large attendance at his function (and of his emotionalism).

2- Warren has taken it upon himself to call himself ‘a pastor to pastors’.  Is he some sort of Pope for the pattern shirted?  I don’t recall him being selected or elected as anyone’s pastor except the poor folk at the church he started (which means he wasn’t voted in in the first place).

There’s something just absolutely appalling about a pretend press release which is nothing less than an advertisement for Warren the emotional pastor for pastors.  Should parsons make themselves so important that they merit a ‘press release’ in the first place?  And what is the purpose of a paid press release but the advertisement of some product- in this instance, Warren himself.

The parson’s task is to glorify God.  Not exalt self.


Written by Jim

30/06/2016 at 5:21 pm