I Rarely Visit Lifeway Stores…

It’s simply too depressing.  Because when I do visit I always wander around the ‘Commentaries’ and the ‘Theology’ sections (very slim pickings in any event- the junk portion of the store occupies 90% of the floorspace- mugs, knick knacks, pop stuff, cd’s, things like that).  And the commentaries and theology sections are just filled with the shallowest sort of rubbish.  ‘Reference’ books tend to be slim little long out of copyright bible dictionaries and Strong’s concordance and commentaries are limited to things which, seriously, no self respecting Seminary graduate would bother with.  The same with the ‘theology’ section which is heavy on the ‘end times’ nonsense and absolutely nothing of substance.

If the things one can find at Lifeway for study of the Bible reflect the basic needs of the average SBC pastor- then woe betide SBC churches.  Lifeway needs someone who has been to graduate school to completely overhaul the selections provided or I fear SBC pastors will simply become less and less biblically literate.  A horrifying thought indeed, given the widespread ignorance among SBC clerics as things stand at present.

In other words, Lifeway, do better.