The Gay Guy Who Lied About the Whole Foods Cake Has Company…

In the person of a gay YouTube ‘star’ who filed a false report with police when he said he was assaulted- but hadn’t been.

A gay YouTube personality who said he was assaulted outside a West Hollywood club has been charged with filing a false police report and faking his injuries.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says London-native Calum McSwiggan was seen hitting himself with a jail payphone after his arrest early Monday. McSwiggan had claimed he was assaulted by three men outside a gay club, but deputies said they could not substantiate his claims and took him into custody after seeing him vandalize a car. The 26-year-old wrote he was attacked by three men who broke his teeth in an Instagram post Tuesday that included a picture of him in a hospital bed.

He was charged Wednesday with one misdemeanor count of making a false police report. A Facebook message sent to him seeking comment was not immediately returned Wednesday. He was released late Monday after posting $20,000 bail. Sheriff’s officials released his mug shot, which was taken before he hit himself with the phone. No injuries were visible.

How badly do you want people to see you as a ‘victim’ if you’re willing to lie about a bakery and an assault?

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