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Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

Asking the question… merely asking the question… a question which no other field would even ponder for a moment (or do you think anyone has ever said to a physician or a lawyer or any other skilled professional ‘do you think someone without training in your field should be allowed to practice it?’) betrays an abiding anti-intellectualism in the field of theology and biblical studies that is simply reprehensible and the root cause of the rampant biblical illiteracy and theological stupidity so widely on display at present.

Ignorance is never desirable.


If you have no education in a discipline, you shouldn’t be involved in the public practice of that discipline.  Period.  Full stop.  The end.  Finis.

Written by Jim

23/06/2016 at 1:43 pm

Posted in Modern Culture

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  1. We don’t value expertise. We don’t even understand qualifications.

    We have radio DJs treated as equal with scientists on matters of science. Everyone on Facebook thinks they’re Constitutional lawyers (I had a friend call himself “a Constitutional scholar”) and economists. And anyone who can say nice things and help motivate some “church growth” can be declared a “pastor.”

    Not sure how to keep writing this comment without excessive use of sarcastic quotation marks.


    Ken Leonard

    24/06/2016 at 8:58 am

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