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Transgender Confessionals

The story from that most reliable of all papist new agencies- The Eye of the Tiber.

Rick Warren… A Man With… An Ego

This ‘press release’ just appeared on the RNS website.  I didn’t know that RNS accepted paid ‘press releases’ but apparently they do.  Anyway, the press release, put out by Warren’s group, has two interesting features:

1- Warren boasts of the large attendance at his function (and of his emotionalism).

2- Warren has taken it upon himself to call himself ‘a pastor to pastors’.  Is he some sort of Pope for the pattern shirted?  I don’t recall him being selected or elected as anyone’s pastor except the poor folk at the church he started (which means he wasn’t voted in in the first place).

There’s something just absolutely appalling about a pretend press release which is nothing less than an advertisement for Warren the emotional pastor for pastors.  Should parsons make themselves so important that they merit a ‘press release’ in the first place?  And what is the purpose of a paid press release but the advertisement of some product- in this instance, Warren himself.

The parson’s task is to glorify God.  Not exalt self.


I Rarely Visit Lifeway Stores…

It’s simply too depressing.  Because when I do visit I always wander around the ‘Commentaries’ and the ‘Theology’ sections (very slim pickings in any event- the junk portion of the store occupies 90% of the floorspace- mugs, knick knacks, pop stuff, cd’s, things like that).  And the commentaries and theology sections are just filled with the shallowest sort of rubbish.  ‘Reference’ books tend to be slim little long out of copyright bible dictionaries and Strong’s concordance and commentaries are limited to things which, seriously, no self respecting Seminary graduate would bother with.  The same with the ‘theology’ section which is heavy on the ‘end times’ nonsense and absolutely nothing of substance.

If the things one can find at Lifeway for study of the Bible reflect the basic needs of the average SBC pastor- then woe betide SBC churches.  Lifeway needs someone who has been to graduate school to completely overhaul the selections provided or I fear SBC pastors will simply become less and less biblically literate.  A horrifying thought indeed, given the widespread ignorance among SBC clerics as things stand at present.

In other words, Lifeway, do better.

The Bee Stings Seminarians Who Read Everything But the Bible

A graduate student at Dallas Theological Seminary confirmed Thursday that he is still unable to locate his Bible among the massive piles of books about the Bible surrounding him in his apartment. The situation apparently came to a head as one Drew Reynolds and a fellow seminarian were engaged in a discussion regarding the leadership models of the New Testament church, as described in the book of Acts and prescribed in the Pauline epistles. When his classmate suggested they stop flipping through books about the Bible and instead just check what the text had to say, Reynolds laughed at first, and kept looking through his supplementary texts and commentaries.

But he quickly realized his friend wasn’t joking. “Oh wait…oh, you were serious? Sure, uh—let me just grab my Bible; it’s right over here underneath my lexicons and—hmm, I could have sworn I left it here last semester after my Greek exam.” After a three-hour-long scouring of the apartment, the pair was unable to locate Reynolds’ Bible, but were able to reconstruct a full copy of the book of Acts out of quoted portions among the hundreds of commentaries lining the walls of the room.

At publishing time, Reynolds was re-translating his own copy of the Bible out of the original languages utilizing portions of the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew texts found in his commentaries, as there was no hope of ever locating his English copy of the Scriptures.


Martin Luther: Apostle of Freedom

The Bee Stings the ‘We Worship At The Coffee Shop, That’s Our Church’ Lot

According to multiple eyewitnesses, a lone Christian studying the Bible at his local Starbucks nervously checked his watch Thursday morning, waiting for his Christian friend to arrive so Jesus Christ could arrive and be there in their midst. The man, Alex Jameson, sat sipping his iced coffee drink for over an hour as he watched out the window, shaking his head in frustration as his Bible study partner failed to show up, ensuring Christ would not be in their midst that day.

“I mean, I do have His Word here in front of me, and even Christ Himself indwelling me,” Jameson told another patron as he nibbled on his fingernails, clearly agitated that two or three Christians weren’t there and thus neither was Jesus. “But Christ only promised to truly arrive in our midst when we have two or three gathered.”

“Man, I hope my buddy gets here soon—I’ve got some really important stuff I want to tell Jesus,” he reportedly told the barista as he ordered another drink.

At publishing time, Jameson had called an audible, choosing instead to get into his car and sing along with the lyrics of a popular Christian song, letting the Holy Spirit know He was welcome there—just to make sure God’s presence was really with him.

I don’t know who these Bees are… but I love them.

Only The Vilest Demonic Murders a Child While it Sleeps


Those Dreadful People Who Say ‘If all Else Fails, Try God’

If you go to God only after you’ve exhausted every other avenue- you don’t know God at all.  God is greater than the ‘god of the gaps’.  Going to God first makes sense.  Using God as a stop gap makes no sense at all and stems only from the heart of a person who is, it’s fair to say, godless.

The Perverse Hypocrisy of Abortionists

This is true and even the staunchest defender of abortion rights has to admit it.  Or they’re simply liars.


Not Everyone in the Catholic Church is a Fan of Francis

A segment of the Catholic population are, in fact, praying for him- that he «die Kraft habe, Glaube und Moral vollständig zu verkündigen».   Which means, naturally, that he doesn’t now.


Weiter heisst es darin: »In der grossen und schmerzlichen Verwirrung, die derzeit in der Kirche herrscht», müssten die «Irrtümer», die sich in die kirchliche Lehre eingeschlichen hätten, deutlich benannt werden. Leider würden diese «von einer grossen Zahl von Priestern begünstigt, bis zum Papst selbst», so Fellay. «Alles unter dem einen Haupt, Christus, zusammenzubringen», könne nicht gelingen «ohne die Unterstützung eines Papstes, der für die Rückkehr der heiligen Tradition steht». Bis zu jenem Tag wolle die Piusbruderschaft ihre Bemühungen zum Aufbau der «Herrschaft Christi» verdoppeln.

Read the whole.  Pandering Francis has just been called out.


Random throwback pics-

The Gay Guy Who Lied About the Whole Foods Cake Has Company…

In the person of a gay YouTube ‘star’ who filed a false report with police when he said he was assaulted- but hadn’t been.

A gay YouTube personality who said he was assaulted outside a West Hollywood club has been charged with filing a false police report and faking his injuries.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says London-native Calum McSwiggan was seen hitting himself with a jail payphone after his arrest early Monday. McSwiggan had claimed he was assaulted by three men outside a gay club, but deputies said they could not substantiate his claims and took him into custody after seeing him vandalize a car. The 26-year-old wrote he was attacked by three men who broke his teeth in an Instagram post Tuesday that included a picture of him in a hospital bed.

He was charged Wednesday with one misdemeanor count of making a false police report. A Facebook message sent to him seeking comment was not immediately returned Wednesday. He was released late Monday after posting $20,000 bail. Sheriff’s officials released his mug shot, which was taken before he hit himself with the phone. No injuries were visible.

How badly do you want people to see you as a ‘victim’ if you’re willing to lie about a bakery and an assault?

Wal-Mart’s Clever Scheme: Savings Catcher

Wal-Mart has a thing called ‘savings catcher’.  When you buy stuff you can scan a receipt with their app and supposedly it will compare what you’ve paid with the same items for sale elsewhere in the area.  If you could have paid less somewhere else, they give you the difference.

It’s actually pretty cool until you spend a lot of money (over $400 in our case) and then, mysteriously, the number on the receipt is declared invalid and you’re notified of that invalidity later.  Or, in our case, exactly 8 days later… which is just in time to make such notification utterly meaningless…


Well played, Wal-Mart.  Well played.

The Bee Stings the Heretic Benny Hinn

The older I get, the more I realize how lucky I’ve been in life.

It was 1983 when I first started claiming to be a special vessel of the healing power of God Almighty. That’s right, more than thirty years—think of it now, thirty years!—of “Benny Hinn Miracle Crusades.” I’ve been to so many countries, performed so many times, and made so much money, that sometimes it seems like this has all been a dream.

As I look back at all I’ve accomplished in my life, there’s one thought that keeps popping up in my mind—I honestly can not believe I’m still getting away with this.

I’m 64 years old now—twice the age I was when I first started whipping people into an emotional frenzy in order to make them believe, in their manic state, that God would heal and bless them if they gave me money; indeed, that when I touched them, that they had been touched by God Himself. And believe it they did. How could anyone blame them? These were desperate people. That’s who I go after—the desperate ones. Why do you think I have so many healing crusades in third-world countries? These are poor, desperate people.

Congratulations Richard Goode

Today he has become a permanent member of the Theology faculty at Newman University.

Goode for them!

Signs of the Times

I get the feeling that some biblical scholars like it when the press publishes nonsense about biblically related subjects like the ark and Jesus’s wife and such. It gives them a chance to be in the public eye to refute the rubbish (which they have previously supported at conference presentations) on tv specials or news broadcasts.

But I guess everyone needs to justify their existence.

The Bee Stings The Buffoonery of TV Based ‘Theology’

In particular among Evangelicals who draw their views from badly done tv shows instead of Scripture.

How Did Iceland Put Together Such a Winning Team?


She Killed Her Baby, and Is Sentenced to Prison. Meanwhile, Abortionists Kill Millions and Go Free

A former college student who gave birth in her sorority house was sentenced Monday to life in prison without parole for killing the newborn by throwing her in the trash. Emile Weaver, 21, was found guilty by a jury last month of aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. Prosecutors said Weaver gave birth in a bathroom at the Delta Gamma Theta sorority at Muskingum University on April 22, 2015, then purposefully caused the death of her baby. They said the baby girl died from asphyxiation after Weaver put her in a plastic trash bag and left it outside the sorority house.

Depraved indifference to human life- and not ONE IOTA different than what practitioners of abortion do every day in America thousands of times.   Such judicial hypocrisy.  It’s sickening.

Ancient Near Eastern History in a Timeline

So the Millennials can grasp it, I guess.  Poor things need pictures for everything since they can’t do abstract thinking in their heads.