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The Real ‘Dark Ages’

A generation which has produced two World Wars, and a totalitarian State with all its horrors, has very little cause to designate the Middle Ages as “dark” (the whole of the Christian period up to the Enlightenment must be included with the Middle Ages). On the contrary, it is just because our generation has experienced such diabolical wickedness that many people have abandoned their former “enlightened” objection to the existence of a “power of darkness”, and are now prepared to believe in Satan as represented in the Bible.  — Emil Brunner

‘Do This In Remembrance of Me’

Jesus died for our sins.  That’s worth remembering.  Worth memorializing.

Quote of the Day

Faith is given to those who have been elected and ordained to eternal life, but so that election precedes, and faith follows election as a sign of it. — Zwingli

What Makes One Human?

The fact that man has been created by God means that his whole existence is determined by his relation to God. –  Emil Brunner

Tom Wright Is Offering a Course on Romans…

And it’ll cost ya (but they don’t tell you how much it is up front which means ‘you don’t want to know’).  And when you pay you can learn what Romans DOESN’T mean!   Have fun!


Trump’s Cabinet Will Include Voldemort

And President Trump will invade Scotland on the fourth day of his Presidency…


Via Thomas Pitrone on FB.

The Death of Luther’s Father

Joy and grief, life and death, are closely joined in this changing world. On the 5th of June, Luther received the sad news of the pious death of his father, which occurred at Mansfeld, May 29. When he first heard of his sickness, he wrote to him from Wittenberg, Feb. 15, 1530: “It would be a great joy to me if only you and my mother could come to us. My Kate, and all, pray for it with tears. We would do our best to make you comfortable.” At the report of his end he said to Dietrich, “So my father, too, is dead,” took his Psalter, and retired to his room. On the same day he wrote to Melanchthon that all he was, or possessed, he had received from God through his beloved father. – Schaff

The First Review of our Garbini Festschrift

Is here.  It’s a review by William Brown worth reading.