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Against those who Think Doctrine Outmoded-

As the Lord of the Church, Jesus Christ was Himself a Teacher, so also His disciples carry on a teaching ministry. We cannot think of the Christian Church without teaching, any more than we can think of a circle without a centre; teaching and “doctrine” belong to its very nature. — Emil Brunner

Two Out of Three: Emil Brunner’s Dogmatics Online

brunner83The first two volumes of Emil Brunner’s Christian Dogmatics are online-

Unfortunately volume three isn’t.  But maybe it will be soon.  Or you could just buy the print edition.  It’s very much worth it.

What An Impressive Volume So Far…

Wright rightly confronted.  It’s about time.


Quote of the Day

Omnes pugnae priores lusus fuerunt pro ista. –  H. Zwingli

The Civic Duty of the Christian

The civic duty of the Christian can be summarized thusly: live as a Christian.  Abstain from evil (in all its forms, manifestations and appearances as Scripture rightly interpreted knows it and not as culture defines it) and do good (as Scripture rightly interpreted knows it and not as culture defines it).  Anything or anyone who urges you to depart from living as a Christian can safely be ignored because it is better to obey God than man.

That is the civic duty of the Christian.

A New Series from Fortress

This new series, Ad fontes, looks to have a good deal of potential.

The Perfect PhD Dissertation Outline

Students, take note.



In Copenhagen…

The Refo500 Conference is ongoing right now.  Karla posted some photos of yesterday’s papers.  I sure wish I had been free to go.