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Every “-ism” Is an Idol: An Observation

When your pet “-ism”, no matter how worthy you deem it, supercedes your Christian faith, you have well and truly totally lost your way.

Tomorrow Is the Anniversary of Calvin’s Death

death-of-calvinOr, as the emergents, most ‘theologians’ (that dreadful number of theological pretenders who don’t know historical theology at all), and millennials say, ‘who?’

Fake Church Shut Down In Nashville

After relating preliminaries, the Tennessean reports this snippet concerning a ‘Church’ which has closed down in Nashville-

United Fellowship Center, whose attorney says is members-only and holds no doctrinal beliefs beyond The Golden Rule, would have faced some challenging legal precedents had anyone ever called its true purpose into question. The courts look for long-held religious beliefs in such cases. That’s why Hobby Lobby prevailed in its effort to side-step a federal requirement to provide insurance coverage for certain types of birth control but Judith Kuch, who argued in 1968 that her church membership required she use LSD, did not.

A man who answered the number on the church’s for-sale sign — which is the same number listed at to call for “party location” — said the asking price at 520 Lentz Drive is about $1.4 million. He declined to give his name out of concern that his grandchildren might see it, but said church members don’t need all the space, and they believe they can find a better location. He confirmed that another church was leasing the space and holding services for awhile, but that relationship ended.

Farewell, fake church.  May your numbers of disappearing fake churches increase.

Bless Her Heart, She Doesn’t Even Know Enough to Know She Doesn’t Know Anything


Our Sexually Perverse Society Has Sown the Wind and Is Reaping the Whirlwind

Take the case of the 15 year old girl in Florida who was sexually assaulted by 25 boys at her high school, and they filmed it.

A 15-year-old girl who was filmed having sex with multiple boys in a Florida high school bathroom in an incident that prompted an investigation was a victim of human trafficking, her mother said in a recent interview. The teen’s mother reached out to a local television station WBBH, asking the media outlet to share her story in hopes of setting the record straight. Her mom did not wish to appear on camera, but a woman who has worked with the girl served as the family’s spokesperson. “I had heard about a lot about the incident through the news. I heard it and thought there are some red flags,” said Megan Estrem. “What’s upsetting about this is this behavior is not uncommon for human trafficking victims.

Sickening.  Sick. And vile.  And totally in line with the sexual immorality America now prides itself on.

‘Sick em Bears’: The Fallout of Starr’s Blind Eye to Rape Commences

Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel who delivered a report that served as the basis for President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, was demoted on Thursday by Baylor University, where he had served as president and chancellor, after an investigation found “fundamental failure” by the university in its handling of accusations of sexual assault against football players.

The university also fired Art Briles, the successful coach of the football team for the past eight seasons, an extraordinary step for a university that has amassed millions of dollars in revenue from big-time football in recent years.

Starr was stripped of his title as university president but will remain Baylor’s chancellor. Baylor’s athletic director, Ian McCaw, was sanctioned and placed on probation.

Half measures all.  Starr should be fired along with Briles and so should McCaw.  They were all complicit.  Starr’s hypocrisy… astonishing.  Read the whole report and remember, in America, schools will turn a blind eye and deaf ear to sexual assault by athletes as long as athletics are more important than education and decency.

How Dare You Attempt to Define ‘Church’ On Your Own Terms?!

zwingli-schautHow dare you introduce innovations into the Church simply on your own authority and without consulting the Church? I speak only of those churches in which the word of God is publicly and faithfully preached. For if every blockhead who had a novel or strange opinion were allowed to gather a sect around him, divisions and sects would become so numerous that the Christian body which we now build up with such difficulty would be broken to pieces in every individual congregation. Therefore no innovations ought to be made except with the common consent of the church and not merely of a single person. For the judgment of scripture is not mine or yours, but the church’s.

If it is indeed the case that there are in churches both believers and nonbelievers, then we need to make a distinction between the visible Church and the invisible, genuine, universal Church. What’s seen with the eyes is the visible Church, prone to containing members that are both saved and lost. What the eye cannot see is the invisible, universal Church which is composed entirely of believers. God alone sees that congregation.

Consequently, the visible Church contains within itself many who are insolent and hostile, thinking nothing of it if they are excommunicated a hundred times, seeing they have no faith.  — Huldrych Zwingli

The Bee Stings the ‘Multi-Campus’ Church Nonsense

A couple at Riverview Church North has complained about the unresponsiveness of their multi-site church’s video screen for their need for pastoral counseling, according to sources. Derrick and Judy Markham had been having some communication issues at home, and decided to seek help from their multi-site church, affectionately known as “R-North.” Going to the screen from which they get their weekly Sunday messages, the couple began pouring out their marital issues to the inanimate object, including Judy’s spending and Derrick’s untidiness. However, after a good half-hour with no response from the video screen, the couple’s discussion stalled, and they left discouraged.

“It was like talking to a wall,” explained a visibly frustrated Mrs. Markham. “Seriously, he’s so bright and electric on Sunday mornings; I thought he’d be the same one-on-one. I guess I was wrong.”

“I couldn’t get a read on what he thought about Judy’s mother,” noted Mr. Markham. “Just a total blank canvas, know what I mean?” The Markhams considered leaving R-North, but they love the satellite sermons and brand identity enough that they are willing to stay.

“We did think about trying one of the other 13 multi-site churches in this area. We want a church with a lead pastor whose charisma can’t be contained in a single building,” admitted Mr. Markham. “We even considered going to a church that wasn’t multi-site—but as I believe the Bible says, ‘forsake not the assembly of the screens.’”

Despite the disappointment, the Markhams aren’t giving up on their multi-site church’s head figure. The couple says they’ve asked the video screen to visit Mr. Markham’s bedridden great aunt later this week.

It is such an absurdity to speak of ‘multi- campus’ churches or ‘satellite’ congregations.  And it’s all done simply to puff up the pastor’s ego and the disinterest of the ‘members’ to do anything more than watch a big screen tv.  It isn’t Christianity.  It isn’t Church.  It is nonsense.

God hasten the day when these self-aggrandizing collectives die the death they so richly deserve.

On Aberrant Theology: An Observation

It isn’t orthodoxy which owes the aberrants an explanation but vice versa. Orthodoxy has examined itself for millennia.  Not so the aberrants.

Calvin’s Last Days

calvin30“The day,” continues Beza, “on which he died, namely May 27th, he seemed to suffer less, and even to speak with greater ease; but this was the last effort of nature. In the evening, about eight o’clock, the sure signs of death became suddenly apparent. As soon as this was made known to me, and to one of the brethren, by the servants, I hastened to the bedside, and found him just as he quietly expired: neither feet nor hands were convulsed; he had not even breathed hard. He had retained his consciousness and reason to the end. Even his voice was preserved till his last breath, and he looked rather like one sleeping than one dead. Thus on this day, with the setting sun, the brightest light in the world, and he who had been the strength of the church, was taken back to heaven.

“During the night, and on the following day, great was the mourning throughout the city. The entire state wept for the prophet of the Lord; the church lamented the departure of its faithful pastor; the academy the loss of so great a teacher: all exclaimed in their grief, that they had lost a father, who, after God, was their truest friend and comforter. Many inhabitants of the city desired to see him after he was dead, and could hardly be induced to leave his remains.

“Some of those also, who had come from distant places to make his acquaintance and to hear him, among whom was a very distinguished man, the ambassador of the queen of England to France, were particularly anxious to behold his countenance, even in death. At first, all who wished were admitted; but as they were merely influenced by curiosity, it seemed advisable to his friends, in order to prevent the misrepresentations of adversaries, to put him early the next day, which was Sunday, in a shroud, and then inclose him as usual in a wooden coffin. At two o’clock in the afternoon, he was carried to the city church-yard, called the Plain-Palais. All the patricians of the city followed; they were accompanied by the clergy, the professors of the high-school, and by almost the whole city; not without many tears.”

He was buried without the slightest pomp: this was according to his own expressed desire. Beza however wrote an epitaph on him. He had lived fifty-four years, ten months, seventeen days; and the half of this time he had consecrated to the service of the Gospel. Respecting his last will, the Genevese neither raised a monument to his memory, nor marked his grave with a stone. Thus, in the church-yard which is so decorated with the tombs of others, the grave of Calvin is unmarked and unknown. It will be shown at the last day. A beautiful brass medal has been lately cast in honor of his name. But his writings, and the example of his firm faith, have a durability greater than that of marble and brass; and certain it is, that wherever a church is praying, or a martyr is struggling for the faith, there Calvin is also present with his power of faith and prayer. – Stebbing

Republicans Have Done the Unthinkable…

And will nominate Donald Trump their Presidential candidate.

Donald Trump on Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president, completing an unlikely rise that has upended the political landscape and sets the stage for a bitter fall campaign.

Trump was put over the top in the Associated Press delegate count by a small number of the party’s unbound delegates who told the AP they would support him at the convention. Among them is Oklahoma GOP chairwoman Pam Pollard.

Appallingly, Trump wouldn’t have arrived at this point without people who call themselves ‘Evangelicals’.  Evangelicals, it has to be said, who self evidently have no regard for morals or ethics and are actually so ideologically tied to one political party that they will actually vote for a multiply married con artist and justify it by calling him the ‘lesser of two evils’.  Forgetting that Christians are called to stand against evil wherever it appears, they have instead cast their lot with evil.

‘Evangelicals’ who support Trump need to be stripped of that title- even as it’s wrongly used.


If Trump is truly the best the Republican party has to offer, it’s time for authentic Evangelicals to leave it.

My Favorite Volume by John Webster


Signs of the Times: The Millennials’ Legacy


The Lovliest of Tributes to John Webster

websterHas been posted here.  It includes this sentiment-

I mourn a colleague, friend, and mentor; I grieve for what our discipline will now never gain from his pen; I pray for his widow and family—but I believe to remember John as he would have wanted to be remembered, none of these can be the final note. He now knows the beginnings of an eternity of joy unspeakable, and his theology remains an invitation for us all to look beyond death to the promise of endless life and joy.


Happy Edict of Worms Day

Run Luther, run!!!