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Every “-ism” Is an Idol: An Observation

When your pet “-ism”, no matter how worthy you deem it, supercedes your Christian faith, you have well and truly totally lost your way.

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Tomorrow Is the Anniversary of Calvin’s Death

Or, as the emergents, most ‘theologians’ (that dreadful number of theological pretenders who don’t know historical theology at all), and millennials say, ‘who?’

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Fake Church Shut Down In Nashville

After relating preliminaries, the Tennessean reports this snippet concerning a ‘Church’ which has closed down in Nashville- United Fellowship Center, whose attorney says is members-only and holds no doctrinal beliefs beyond The Golden Rule, would have faced some challenging legal … Continue reading

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Bless Her Heart, She Doesn’t Even Know Enough to Know She Doesn’t Know Anything

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Our Sexually Perverse Society Has Sown the Wind and Is Reaping the Whirlwind

Take the case of the 15 year old girl in Florida who was sexually assaulted by 25 boys at her high school, and they filmed it. A 15-year-old girl who was filmed having sex with multiple boys in a Florida … Continue reading

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‘Sick em Bears’: The Fallout of Starr’s Blind Eye to Rape Commences

Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel who delivered a report that served as the basis for President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998, was demoted on Thursday by Baylor University, where he had served as president and chancellor, after an investigation found … Continue reading

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How Dare You Attempt to Define ‘Church’ On Your Own Terms?!

How dare you introduce innovations into the Church simply on your own authority and without consulting the Church? I speak only of those churches in which the word of God is publicly and faithfully preached. For if every blockhead who … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings the ‘Multi-Campus’ Church Nonsense

A couple at Riverview Church North has complained about the unresponsiveness of their multi-site church’s video screen for their need for pastoral counseling, according to sources. Derrick and Judy Markham had been having some communication issues at home, and decided to … Continue reading

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On Aberrant Theology: An Observation

It isn’t orthodoxy which owes the aberrants an explanation but vice versa. Orthodoxy has examined itself for millennia.  Not so the aberrants.

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Calvin’s Last Days

“The day,” continues Beza, “on which he died, namely May 27th, he seemed to suffer less, and even to speak with greater ease; but this was the last effort of nature. In the evening, about eight o’clock, the sure signs … Continue reading

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Republicans Have Done the Unthinkable…

And will nominate Donald Trump their Presidential candidate. Donald Trump on Thursday reached the number of delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination for president, completing an unlikely rise that has upended the political landscape and sets the stage for … Continue reading

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My Favorite Volume by John Webster

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Signs of the Times: The Millennials’ Legacy

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The Lovliest of Tributes to John Webster

Has been posted here.  It includes this sentiment- I mourn a colleague, friend, and mentor; I grieve for what our discipline will now never gain from his pen; I pray for his widow and family—but I believe to remember John … Continue reading

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Happy Edict of Worms Day

Run Luther, run!!!

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