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Kenneth Starr: Formerly of Pepperdine, Lately of Baylor, Fired For Turning a Blind Eye to Rape by His Football Team

More far right hypocrisy raises its ugly head in the wretched tale of the reprobate Kenneth Starr. Baylor declined to respond to reports Tuesday that President and Chancellor Kenneth Starr, best known for his investigation of the Clinton administration, has … Continue reading

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Sad News: Hughes Oliphant Old Has Died

Hughes Oliphant Old, the great church historian specializing in the history of church liturgy, died this morning. He was 83. RIP. Via Richard Zuelch.

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Can You Call Yourself a Barthian…

If you don’t know Karl Barth?  And do you really know Barth?  Maybe not… This in-depth portrait of Charlotte von Kirschbaum examines the notable influence she exerted on Karl Barth and his writings. In the Shadow of Karl Barth also … Continue reading

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This Is Why Taking Verses out of Context is A Bad Idea

When you do,  you end up with absurd misrepresentations of the text- as here- where the citation from Jeremiah actually means that the people ought to LEAVE the Temple and NOT worship because they are corrupt…

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The Bee Stings Hillary’s ‘Evangelical’ Hypocrisy

This is one of the Bee’s best to date- A massive dust storm has blanketed most of the East Coast from Boston to Jacksonville after Hillary Clinton reportedly brushed off her Bible Tuesday while preparing a new push to court Evangelical voters. … Continue reading

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The Entire Bible Explained

By me.  For you (and your beloved layfolk).  And you can get the 66 books of the Bible explained for a paltry $199 (less than the cost of a college course on one book of the Bible) and as a … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Yeni Belqis:
“Questa cosa dell’università tu non l’hai del tutto digerita”, mi dice la collega che non a caso mi frequenta tutti i santi giorni da una quindicina di anni.  Ha ragione, ovviamente. E comincio a pensare che…

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This Made Me Laugh


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Die Septuaginta der Samuelbücher: Untersucht unter Einbeziehung ihrer Rezensionen

V&R have published this new work and have sent a review copy.  It is massively technical and evidence for the author’s expertise and profound depth of knowledge. It’s goal is simple (at least in terms of simplicity of description): In dieser … Continue reading

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Higher Ed is Becoming More Farcical By The Day

Nothing quite says ‘education’ like getting someone unqualified to teach a course to do it just for the publicity value. The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been appointed visiting professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), where she will teach … Continue reading

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More Images From the Garbini Festschrift Presentation

Via Chiara Peri-

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