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Kenneth Starr: Formerly of Pepperdine, Lately of Baylor, Fired For Turning a Blind Eye to Rape by His Football Team

More far right hypocrisy raises its ugly head in the wretched tale of the reprobate Kenneth Starr.

Baylor declined to respond to reports Tuesday that President and Chancellor Kenneth Starr, best known for his investigation of the Clinton administration, has been fired by the Board of Regents in the wake of a sexual assault scandal involving the school and its football team.

The possible dismissal was first reported by Chip Brown of Scout’s HornsDigest.com and later by Geoff Ketchum of Orangebloods.com and KCEN’s Nikki Laurenzo.  Starr did not immediately return an email request from The Post seeking comment Tuesday. Efforts to reach the chairman of the university’s Board of Regents, Richard Willis, were unsuccessful. …

On Starr’s watch, the school is accused of failing to respond to rapes or sexual assaults reported by at least six women students from 2009-2016. Although the problem of sexual assault at the university goes beyond the football team, at least eight former Baylor football players have been accused of violence against women over the last eight years and Coach Art Briles and Athletic Director Ian McCaw have received increasing criticism. The regents, according to Brown, believe Starr bears more responsibility in the matter than Briles.

The reported move comes as the board is preparing to examine and address the findings of a law firm hired to review how the school handled the rape and assault allegations.  In late March, Jasmin Hernandez filed a lawsuit against the board, Briles and McCaw, claiming school officials ignored her attempts to report and seek justice after being raped by then-football player Tevin Elliot in 2012.

The lawsuit claims that Hernandez’s mother’s inquiry to the school regarding their mental health services was shot down, saying “they were too busy” to see her daughter. It goes on to say that this happened twice more and that she was told, according to the lawsuit, by academic services that “even if a plane falls on your daughter, there’s nothing we can do to help you.”

Vile.  Football…. what a curse comes when the pampered athlete is allowed to wreck lives without punishment simply so a game can be played.

Sic… Bears.  Read the whole report.

Sad News: Hughes Oliphant Old Has Died

Hughes Oliphant Old, the great church historian specializing in the history of church liturgy, died this morning. He was 83. RIP.

Via Richard Zuelch.

Can You Call Yourself a Barthian…

kirschIf you don’t know Karl Barth?  And do you really know Barth?  Maybe not

This in-depth portrait of Charlotte von Kirschbaum examines the notable influence she exerted on Karl Barth and his writings. In the Shadow of Karl Barth also includes two of von Kirschbaum’s own lectures, notably “The Role of Women in the Proclamation of the Word” an important contribution to feminist thought. Through personal interviews and contacts with relatives and friends of both Barth and von Kirschbaum, author Renate Koebler frees von Kirschbaum from obscurity, keeping her memory fresh. Koebler’s work will be of special interest to seminarians, church historians, theologians, and all readers concerned with women and religion.

This Is Why Taking Verses out of Context is A Bad Idea

When you do,  you end up with absurd misrepresentations of the text- as here- where the citation from Jeremiah actually means that the people ought to LEAVE the Temple and NOT worship because they are corrupt…


The Bee Stings Hillary’s ‘Evangelical’ Hypocrisy

This is one of the Bee’s best to date-

A massive dust storm has blanketed most of the East Coast from Boston to Jacksonville after Hillary Clinton reportedly brushed off her Bible Tuesday while preparing a new push to court Evangelical voters.

According to sources, after a meeting with her campaign manager in which the importance of gaining another 5%–10% of the Evangelical voting base was impressed upon her, Clinton dispatched several aides to find her Bible, telling them, “I don’t know where the [expletive] thing is—wherever I put it four years ago.”

Read it all.  Politicians who pretend to love the Bible and their ‘faith’ are absurdities.  Even more absurd are the Evangelicals who fall for it.  And yes, the followers of Trump are also foolish to believe his claims to being faithful.

The Entire Bible Explained

the-person-the-pew-commentary-seriesBy me.  For you (and your beloved layfolk).  And you can get the 66 books of the Bible explained for a paltry $199 (less than the cost of a college course on one book of the Bible) and as a bonus, just for you, a number of the Deuterocanonicals for free!

You can acquire the PDF’s from yours truly for that paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal Link.  It’s that simple.  It’s a good commentary. But don’t take my word for it, listen to the viewpoint of a reader:


I am a Christian and a Bible Study Teacher at my church. I have been in church all of my life, but I found it difficult to take on the teaching responsibilities of a Senior Adult Ladies Class. Although I have read the Bible, there are many things that I do not understand. I also was worried because the ladies in my class are “Studiers” of the Bible and the thought crossed my mind “What can I teach these ladies that they do not already know?” As you can see from my comments, I was wondering how “I was going to do it” instead of wondering how “God would do it”!

But when you teach it, you have to go deeper than just reading. I believe that God wants us to continue to go deeper each time we open the Bible. One of the references I use for my studies are the books written by Jim West “For The Person in The Pew”. Jim can take a complicated set of scriptures and bring the meaning into clear view. Every time that I start a new Bible study, I order one of his books. We just finished the book of Revelation and his book was helpful in taking the complicated and making it simple.

Jim has a way of wording his explanations of the scripture in such a way that it makes you want to read deeper and then just watch and see what God can do! Jim is a gifted person and I am glad that God has blessed his life so that he could in turn bless mine.

Sherry Liles
Knoxville, TN

They aren’t saying that about other commentaries, are they…   😉


Thank you, Chiara.

Yeni Belqis

“Questa cosa dell’università tu non l’hai del tutto digerita”, mi dice la collega che non a caso mi frequenta tutti i santi giorni da una quindicina di anni.  Ha ragione, ovviamente. E comincio a pensare che forse quel pezzo di vita che ancora oggi riesce a tenermi sveglia la notte non possa e non debba essere digerito. Qui e là vi ho raccontato del mio passato accademico e di quello che ha significato per me. Forse se dovessi sintetizzare i racconti in due post citerei questo e questo (e mettiamoci pure questo, via).

Certamente sarei una persona molto diversa, da molti punti di vista, se a un certo punto della mia giovinezza non avessi incontrato Giovanni Garbini. Al di là di tutto quello che è successo e non successo in questi anni, al di là di ogni contenuto e di ogni scelta umana e professionale, se ho avuto un maestro…

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This Made Me Laugh



Die Septuaginta der Samuelbücher: Untersucht unter Einbeziehung ihrer Rezensionen

9783525536940V&R have published this new work and have sent a review copy.  It is massively technical and evidence for the author’s expertise and profound depth of knowledge.

It’s goal is simple (at least in terms of simplicity of description):

In dieser Arbeit wird untersucht, wie die hebräischen Samuelbücher im zweiten Jahrhundert vor Christus ins Griechische übersetzt wurden. Wichtige Leitfragen sind: Wie wörtlich oder frei arbeitet der Übersetzer? Wie konstant oder variierend gibt er bestimmte syntaktische Strukturen wieder? Welche besonderen sprachlichen Fähigkeiten hat er und wo liegen seine Grenzen? Wie sehr ist sein griechischer Text als übersetzter Text erkennbar, d. h. wie stark ist die Interferenz des Hebräischen?

The goal once described, the remainder of the work develops an answer which includes the following sorts of basic parts:

Durch die Samueltexte aus Qumran werden diejenigen Forscher eindrucksvoll bestätigt, die die Unterschiede zwischen LXX und MT im Wesentlichen nicht auf die Übersetzungsweise, sondern auf eine andere und ältere hebräische Vorlage des Übersetzers zurückgeführt hatten.

Accordingly, the text of Samuel isn’t simply explained through the Septuagintal materials themselves but with reference to the Qumran discoveries as well. Indeed, with more than adequate insight into the multitude of problems which confront the textual scholar of this excessively complex text, Wirth observes

Was wie ein Zirkelschlussverfahren klingt, gleicht in Wirklichkeit der Arbeit an einem großen Puzzle, bei der an der Anordnung der bekannten Teile mit Überlegung und Intuition gearbeitet wird. Je stimmiger das Gesamtbild, desto höher ist die Qualität der getroffenen Entscheidungen.

Solving the puzzle of Samuel is achieved through careful linguistic analysis.  Allow me an example:


And so throughout the work.  Wirth grapples with the most technical issues with a skill scarcely evidenced in most textual studies (which, on the whole, seem to repeat already known research more than break new ground) and provides more than sufficient evidence to make his point.

Among the most salient observations are these:

Der Samuelübersetzer geht seine Aufgabe sehr effizient an. Er gehört zu denjenigen Übersetzern der Septuaginta, die die höchsten Anteile an Standardwiedergaben für bestimmte syntaktische Strukturen des Hebräischen haben.


Den Samuelbüchern kommt für die Untersuchung der Literar- und Textgeschichte des Alten Testaments eine besondere Bedeutung zu, weil die unterschiedlichen Texttypen der LXX, der Qumran-Rollen und des MT Einblicke in die Entwicklung eines alttestamentlichen Buchs gewähren, wie sie kaum sonst auf Basis so breiter und vielfältiger Evidenz möglich ist.

The contents of the volume are:

  • Einleitung
  • Die Übersetzung von Konjunktionen
  • Die Übersetzung von Infinitivkonstruktionen
  • Griechische Partizipialkonstruktionen
  • Tempora: Imperfekt und praesens historicum
  • Ertrag

The volume also offers readers an overview in the Vorwort as well as the usual indices and as a bonus a very, very fine series of appendices:

  • Anhang A: Imperfekte des Kaige-Bereichs
  • Anhang B: Praesentia historica der Samuelbücher
  • Anhang C: Hebräische Wurzeln der praesentia historica

When Wirth concludes his stimulating volume he opines

Ich hoffe, dass meine Ergebnisse in ganz praktischer Weise hilfreich sind für die Arbeit an der Göttinger kritischen Ausgabe des ersten und zweiten Samuelbuchs. Darüber hinaus wollen sie Impulse geben für die weitere Diskussion der Literar-, Text- und Rezensionsgeschichte der Samuelbücher, denen aufgrund der außergewöhnlich guten Quellenlage exemplarische Bedeutung für die alttestamentliche Textforschung zukommt.

His hope will not fall fantastically unfulfilled, in the view of the present examiner.  Rather, researchers from hence working on the notoriously complicated text of Samuel will make reference to Wirth with well deserved admiration.  I can recommend this volume happily and enthusiastically.  And so, I do.

Higher Ed is Becoming More Farcical By The Day

Nothing quite says ‘education’ like getting someone unqualified to teach a course to do it just for the publicity value.

The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been appointed visiting professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), where she will teach a Masters in gender and human rights. The Oscar-winning actress will join former foreign secretary William Hague as a lecturer at the university’s Centre for Women, Peace and Security where she will help to teach students studying for a Master’s degree.  Jolie Pitt, who has been a goodwill ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency and is currently one of its special envoys, has been a vocal campaigner on refugee rights, and against the female genital mutilation and the use of rape as a weapon of war.

Nothing in her resume indicates she has the skills necessary to teach at University.  The LSE is simply pandering to pop culture and nothing more.  Pity it’s contributing to the farcicalization of higher ed.  And its destruction.

More Images From the Garbini Festschrift Presentation

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