Cops and Guns and Accidental Shootings

Bubba’s  not the only one who can’t handle a gun properly.  But Bubba can’t cover up his incompetence quite like a cop can…

The chief of the Portland Police Department accidentally shot and wounded a friend during a hunting trip one month ago. The mayor of Portland learned about the shooting three weeks ago.  The public learned about it over the weekend. Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea is now under fire after the alt-weekly Willamette Week revealed Friday he kept news of the shooting secret for a month — and has apparently never been punished for it. O’Dea is now being investigated for the shooting by the Oregon Department of Justice and Oregon State Police. “The bottom line is when people shoot other people hunting, it’s news,” retired Police Police Capt. C.W. Jensen told The Oregonian on Monday.

Cover up… it’s a common tactic for law enforcement and politicians.  I.e., the government loves a coverup.