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The Secret of Preaching…

Is to realize that no one will listen…  He then said, ‘Son of man, go to the House of Israel and tell them what I have said.  You are not being sent to a nation that speaks a difficult foreign … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Solitary Worshipper

There is no theological or scriptural justification for the notion that ‘church’ can be comprised of one person, in spite of any meme’s claim to the contrary.  Jesus said ‘where two or three…, etc.’ not ‘where there is one.’ One … Continue reading

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‘The Word ‘Trinity’ Isn’t Found in Scripture.’ So What?

Now, then, though heretics may snarl and the excessively fastidious carp at the word Person as inadmissible, in consequence of its human origin, since they cannot displace us from our position that three are named, each of whom is perfect … Continue reading

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Happy Trinity Sunday

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