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If the Titanic Sank Today…



Post-Modernity: An Observation

The normalization of abnormality is the abnormalization of normality.

Open Day At Ming Hua

Among the displays was this gem:


I wasn’t able to be there today but I loved my time there in January and look forward to returning.

Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh

Does Moltmann just make stuff up as he goes so it will fit on a bumper sticker?  Because this is just absurd.  It lacks scriptural foundation, it makes no sense, and it obliterates any sense of free will.  In Moltmann’s disturbed view, you have no choice at all.  God will force himself on you whether you like it or not.


Tune in next week when Molty says ‘Sacrifice is meaningless and God just really waved a magic wand and declared every person righteous.’

Poor Luther…

He’s become nothing more than a marketing ploy….  No worse fate can befall one.