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Support AAR/SBL Adjunct Faculty

Sign this newly organized petition. Contingent faculty within Religious Studies and Theology desperately need the moral and financial support of their leading organizations and members of said organizations. According to the American Association of University Professors’ latest report, within the … Continue reading

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“A few minutes ago, God very graciously called to congratulate me.” via

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Origenism Anathematized

IF anyone shall say that the life of the spirits (νοῶν) shall be like to the life which was in the beginning while as yet the spirits had not come down or fallen, so that the end and the beginning … Continue reading

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Did You Know That God Saves Table’s of Content?

Yes, he evidently does!

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The Bee Stings the Decontextualizing Text Abusers

Samuel Levenson’s life verse—and only tattoo—is Jeremiah 29:11, and with good reason. Levenson first encountered the biblical promise when his spiritual life was in a lull, his career was in a slump, and he was enduring a harsh and brutal … Continue reading

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The Church of Scotland is Thinking About Offering ‘Online Baptisms’

Good grief, how stupid.  It’s like telling someone that if there’s a picture of food on their computer they can eat it. The Telegraph has reported that the committee said: “As fewer people join up in the traditional sense, questions … Continue reading

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What the Blessed St Jerome Said of Origen’s Followers Still Applies…

Even now the mystery of iniquity worketh, and every one chatters about his views. — St Jerome There’s nothing new under the sun.  Not even the fact that the wretch Origen has sycophants today as he did in antiquity.

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SJOT Reminder

If you are in North America (which includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and you’d like to submit an essay or a book review (i.e., have a book in mind you might like to review in the field of … Continue reading

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Atheism: An Observation

Atheism is a religion.  To say otherwise is to fail to grasp the meaning of the word religion.

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Ferdinand Christian Baur und die Geschichte des frühen Christentums

Ferdinand Christian Baur und die Geschichte des frühen Christentums, Hrsg. v. Martin Bauspieß, Christof Landmesser u. David Lincicum has been sent along from Mohr Siebeck (thanks Sabine!) for review. Ferdinand Christian Baur (1792–1860) kann als einer der entscheidenden Impulsgeber für … Continue reading

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New From Rezetko

Dear colleagues, especially Late Biblical Hebrew aficionados, Martijn Naaijer and I have just published two pieces in the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures. They relate to the nature of LBH and Avi Hurvitz’s A Concise Lexicon of Late Biblical Hebrew. Article: … Continue reading

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Where Faith is Absent, Unity is Impossible

Apart from faith, all doctrine and life separate and disunite mankind. The formation of sects is the inevitable result, even though there may be only two persons in a house. — Martin Luther

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Total Depravity: ‘Sex Roulette’ Parties

Just when you thought people couldn’t be more senseless or vile or self destructive, along comes a ‘party’ where people know that someone has HIV and nonetheless they participate in orgies… People are dumb.  And depraved. The Daily Mirror was … Continue reading

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