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King David and the Illusory Judah

New in Bible and Interpretation

Judah appears remarkably few times as central player in 1–2 Samuel. If the Judah material were indeed primary to the David story, the story would collapse from lack of self-standing, independent lore. In contrast, the majority of the story of David as king is focused on David’s rule of Israel alone. The biblical evidence invites us to reconsider the political and social landscape of the early monarchy, defined not by the so-called “united monarchy,” nor by Judah alone, by the one important entity in these centuries: Israel.

The Adjunct Faculty Crisis

The adjunct crisis exists because too many departments have too many PhD students. The only cure is for departments to offer PhD’s for the number of jobs there actually are.

Creating 500 PhD holders when there are only 30 positions suitable for those PhD’s is not only immoral, it is driven purely by economic considerations on the part of the University.

The Latest Issue of Biblica is Online

Fascicle 97/1 (2016) of Biblica’s journal is now available on-line at its usual site.  In this issue you will find the following articles and short notes:

  • I. Finkelstein, «The Old Jephthah Tale in Judges.»
  • G.T.K. Wong, «Psalm 73 as Ring Composition.»
  • B.C. Gregory, «Vice and Virtue in the Moral Vision of the Latin of Sirach.»
  • O. Andrejevs, «Reexamining Q2: Son of God Christology in Q’s Redactional Layer.»
  • S. Grindheim, «Faith in Jesus: The Historical Jesus and the Object of Faith.»
  • O.J. Filtvedt, «A “Non-Ethnic” People?»
  • G.R. Lanier, «”From God” or “From Heaven”? “ex upsous” in Luke 1,78.»

As usual, you will find on our pages the complete index of this issue and those of the last nineteen years, summaries of articles and the complete text of articles and shorter contributions published since 1998. We very much hope that our service will help the continuously increasing number of our on-line readers in their biblical research. We will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely yours

Roger Boily,
Managing Editor of the On-line edition

If the World Were a Place Where Truth and Justice Reigned…

This would have happened…


When To Stay and When to Go

καὶ ὃς ἂν μὴ δέξηται ὑμᾶς, μηδὲ ἀκούσῃ τοὺς λόγους ὑμῶν, ἐξερχόμενοι ἔξω τῆς οἰκίας ἢ τῆς πόλεως ἐκείνης ἐκτινάξατε τὸν κονιορτὸν τῶν ποδῶν ὑμῶν. (Matt. 10:14)

The Truth About Belief and Unbelief

Many, I say, the most of men who live under the dispensation of the gospel, do woefully deceive their own souls in this matter. They do not believe what they profess themselves to believe, and what they think they believe. –  John Owen

They Don’t Even Believe It Themselves

Or more precisely: Why Transgender Advocates Don’t Believe Anything They Say.  In the midst of an article worth reading, H.F. writes

When many people raised concerns that sexual deviants would take advantage of “choose your own bathroom” policies, and when those concerns proved to be perfectly justified, why did so many on the Left scream about conservative hysteria instead of seriously addressing the question of how to legally distinguish between fake transgender and real transgender?

They did so because they know full well that the main thing a sexual predator claiming to be a transgender woman has in common with a man who has “transitioned” to female is that neither one is what he says he is. The only difference between them is that the former is pretending out of malice and the latter is pretending out of brokenness. But acknowledging this might have resulted in changing their positions, and changing their positions would have required them to stop saying the magic words they didn’t believe, the magic words that made them holy ex opere operato.

Read the whole.

Martin Luther: On ‘Self-Identification’

A natural donkey, which carries sacks to the mill and eats thistles, can judge you – indeed, all creatures can! For a donkey knows it is a donkey and not a cow. A stone knows it is a stone; water is water, and so on through all the creatures. But you mad asses do not know you are asses.  — Martin Luther

Total Depravity: The Mom Who Gave Her 13 Year Old a Knife So She Could Kill Someone

A Chicago mother and her 13-year-old daughter have been charged with first-degree murder after the latter reportedly stabbed a 15-year-old girl to death, reports the Chicago Tribune.  On Saturday, De’kayla Dansberry, 15, was stabbed in full public view in front of a housing complex after a fight broke out between her and Tamika Gayden’s 13-year-old daughter, whose identity has not been made public since she is a minor.

Although Chicago police did not give details about what exactly instigated the tragic episode, Cook County prosecutor Christina Hake told a juvenile court on Tuesday that an overwhelming amount of evidence, including videos of the gruesome incident, exists against Tamika’s teenage daughter. The teen suspect, Hake informed the court, attempted to wash Dansberry’s blood off the knife when she got home and repeatedly confessed to having killed her in the presence of witnesses.

Go, figure that out.

How God Rewards His Faithful Ministers…

With suffering and misery and hardship…

“In this life Christ is incomprehensible. He rewards his best ministers in such a way that I must say I hardly know what I am about, whether I preach aright or not. This tormented St. Paul too. He didn’t talk much about it to others, I think. He couldn’t talk about it, for who can imagine what he meant when he said, ‘I die every day’ [I Cor. 15:31]. Christ, too, had his temptations.” — Martin Luther

It’s true, of course.  And it makes you wonder exactly who is ‘rewarding’ Joel Osteen and Rick Warren and TD Jakes and the rest of that ilk.

Zwingli and the Lord’s Supper

Refo500 has the news of a new translation of Zwingli’s ‘The Implementation of the Lord’s Supper’.  It looks fantastic!