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Better Dead Than Vote For Either of the Scoundrels

This is an actual obituary in the Richmond Times Dispatch (via the twitter)-


So much for the ‘lesser of two evils’ argument so many love to regurgitate.

Quote of the Day



Mark is Glad He Isn’t Paul


Murderous Midwives

On 9 February 2016, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) announced their support for a campaign run by abortion provider the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) calling for the legalisation of abortion up-to-birth for any reason. On 6 May 2016, the Royal College issued a position statement that explicitly supported the aims of this campaign, the limitation of conscience rights for midwives, and the extension of the Abortion Act 1967 to Northern Ireland.

Join the human race and say no to this barbarism.

Leuchter / Lamb And Israel’s History

PrintThe Historical Writings: Introducing Israel’s Historical Literature.  From Fortress, who say

History has an inescapable centrality in the Hebrew Bible, and biblical narratives are for many readers the best recognized and most memorable parts of the Bible. The history of ancient Israel and the nature of Hebrew historiography remain hotly contested topics today. This new introduction explores key questions and methods shaping contemporary scholarly debate. Students will explore the Deuteronomistic History and other historical writings and evaluate the different roles history-writing plays throughout the Hebrew Bible.

An introduction presents issues in the historical and literary interpretation of these writings. Subsequent chapters on the books Joshua through Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Chronicles each discuss literary concerns, historical issues, and theological themes relevant to each book, then offer succinct and informative commentary on the book. Pedagogical features include maps, timelines, photographs, primary sources from the ancient Near East, reading lists, and a glossary.

It’s due out on 1 July.  Look for it.  Both authors are quite bright and have illuminating and evocative styles of writing.  This book will, I hope, not disappoint.

The Lying Texas “Pastor”

Let me just say, again, it was obvious from the very start that he was lying.  Now he has admitted that he’s a liar.  So where’s the outrage in the LGBT community?  Face it- had this been a heterosexual pastor who lied about some such issue the LGBT folk would have been all over it denouncing him.  But since it’s a gay pastor, they’re oddly silent.

Why?  Because equality isn’t what they’re interested in.  Hegemony is.  The complete domination of society by an ideological and sexual perspective which, if anyone opposes, results in instantaneous and intolerant denunciation and demonization.

The fact that Mr Brown lied is not the interesting bit.  The interesting bit is that his lie has been ignored.  That speaks volumes about the movement of which he is a part.

The Decimation of Pauline Studies…

A picture is worth 1000 words, isn’t it…


I Did a Little Gardening…

Challenges for the Study of Pseudepigrapha

I would recommend the newer volumes published by Eerdmans. The first is out. With the second coming sometime soon I hope.

Reading Acts

Since I intended to spend the summer reviewing the apocalyptic literature in the Pseudepigrapha, this would be a good to time think about some of the challenges reading this material. I will be using the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, edited James Charlesworth (originally Doubleday, 1983; not Yale University Press). The OTPabbreviation OTP throughout this series refers to the 1983 print edition of these two volumes. It is important to point out the obvious: there was no collection of “Old Testament Pseudepigrapha” in the ancient world. Although a few were considered sacred by some elements of the early church, these books were never collected as an alternate canon nor were they suppressed by orthodox Christians. There was no grand conspiracy of women-hating priests who systematically suppressed the free-thinking writers of this material. That sort of wild-eyed story telling makes for a good Hollywood movie or a wacky conspiracy theory blog, but it is simply not the…

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Conferences Coming Soon at the University of Geneva

19 mai 2016: Jésus, révolutionnaire politique? Les raisons de sa mort.  Prof. Adriana Destro et Mauro Pesce, Université de Bologne

26 mai 2016: « Jésus après Jésus »: l’événement pascal et les débuts de la christologie.  Prof. hon. Jean Zumstein, Université de Zurich

All the details are here.

Christian Brady is Stepping Down…


Christian Brady, dean of the Schreyer Honors College, announced today (May 17) that he will be stepping down from his role at Penn State, effective May 31.

Signs of the Times… At 4 Years Old her Parents Thought it a Good Thing That she ‘Transition’…

NPR has the story– which I will just leave to you to ponder.  4 year old’s and gender selection…  uhmmm hummmm….