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Bloggers At Walmart

Your favorite bloggers are out getting supplies for their post grading respites…  Behold:

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N.T. Wright Says…

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Karl Barth: From Moderately Interesting Pastor to Honorary Professor

Or Karl Barth – Vom „unbequemen Prediger“ zum „Starprofessor“ (1908–1930) Nach zwei Jahren als Hilfsprediger in Genf bekam Barth 1911 eine eigene Pfarrstelle im aargauischen Dorf Safenwil. Die kleine Gemeinde befand sich in einer Phase sozialer Umbrüche: Während es immer … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

All are born and live for the express purpose of learning to know God, and if the knowledge of God, in so far as it fails to produce this effect, is fleeting and vain, it is clear that all those … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

He’s visiting Yellowstone Park… bless him… We’ve heard a lot about tourists trying to touch wildlife at Yellowstone National Park but this story takes personal encounters with animals a bit further.  Karen Richardson of Victor, Idaho, was one of several … Continue reading

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Courthouses and the 10 Commandments

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Maybe He Self Identifies as a Woman…

If so, he had the right to use the women’s room, right… The Chicago Sun Times reports that an eight year old girl was choked by a man who was in the women’s bathroom.  The girl’s mother was shopping when her … Continue reading

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Love is…

‘Love’ is the most misused word of our time. Those who use it most understand it least.

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York Minster: Zen Shrine?

The C of E needs to take a step back and consider the course it has set itself upon. … in what will be seen as a striking departure from its Christian traditions, senior clergy at the Minster have quietly … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Stand Fast and Don’t Waver from the Truth

There now remains the conflict, to which the Spirit of God not only exhorts us to go, but even to run. It is indeed a hard and grievous trial, to see the pride of the enemies of truth so enormous, … Continue reading

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Pentecost Sunday

Today is Pentecost Sunday.  Every Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.

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