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The Blindness of the Herd

In what richness, brightness, and clarity do we now possess that salutary Word about Christ? But to whom is this manifest, bright, clear light known and welcome? Is it not a great secret and mystery, not only to the Papists but also to our people, who boast of being very evangelical? They simply think that when they have read or heard it once, they are so abundantly supplied that they could even instruct all the apostles, not to mention their poor pastors and preachers. Such folk think that this is no mystery or profound insight, but only a spoonful of wisdom they can down in a single gulp. — Martin Luther

It’s as if he were alive today and describing the people who fill churches on Easter and Christmas…

Answering Your Letters


I think you’re a bigot.


Hey Tim,


Revisiting Jeremiah Wright

Remember when Jeremiah Wright said God **** America? God needn’t. America is doing a bang up job of doing that to itself.

Go Ahead And Close the Place Down

Kanye West has referred to himself as a God multiple times – but this didn’t lead many to conclude that he would be included in church services. St Andrew’s Church in Hornchurch, London, has been using Kanye West lyrics on a sign outside the building, in order to encourage people to come in. The unorthodox approach has been noticed by the religious and non-religious alike, and seems to have gone down quite well.

And after describing the scribe of the signage

“You walk by churches and they have quotes from the Bible and people don’t take any notice. “I like to mix it up, it doesn’t matter who said it, it’s about the meaning behind it.” The vicar, Barry Hobson agrees. His favourite sign so far said “Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine”.

Yes, it’s not surprising the Vicar would approve of Kanye Quotes given his general theological disposition.  So go head and close it down.

The Response of Christians to Obama’s Abomination

“Yet even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning; and rend your hearts and not your garments.”

Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love; and he relents over disaster.  Who knows whether he will not turn and relent, and leave a blessing behind him, a grain offering and a drink offering for the LORD your God?

Blow the trumpet in Zion; consecrate a fast; call a solemn assembly; gather the people. Consecrate the congregation; assemble the elders; gather the children, even nursing infants. Let the bridegroom leave his room, and the bride her chamber. 

Between the vestibule and the altar let the priests, the ministers of the LORD, weep and say, “Spare your people, O LORD, and make not your heritage a reproach, a byword among the nations. Why should they say among the peoples, ‘Where is their God?’” — (Joel 2:12-17)

The Founders and the Bible

New in Bible and Interpretation:

Although a few of the founders rejected important biblical doctrines, they were almost unanimous in asserting the Bible’s central role in promoting the social morality they deemed essential to the survival and success of the new republic. Thus, most not only urged their own children to read Scripture and to attend church services in which it was recited but also worked to disseminate biblical knowledge more broadly.

Go, read.

How Millennials Do “Research”


The Bee Stings Reddit Hypocrisy

Redditor Jason Nixon, 32, took a ten-minute break from a three-hour marathon of browsing the popular website Reddit’s filthiest, most deplorable subreddits in order to engage with an online debate on morality and ethics with an apparent Christian, sources confirmed Friday.

Going by the handle “DieFundies83,” Nixon was allegedly attempting to navigate to a yet another subreddit page that collects and displays hundreds of thousands of disgusting and shocking pornographic images. But Nixon mistakenly clicked on the website’s “Random page” button, taking him to a subreddit in which people of various faiths debate one another over various issues.

Sting ’em little Bee.

If Your Four Year Old Boy Tells You He’s A Girl… Be A Parent and Tell Him He’s A Boy

Because the next day he’s going to tell you that he is a puppy.  And the day after that he will tell you he’s a naval commander.  And you’ll tell him he isn’t but it’s fun to pretend to be something you aren’t.

In short, be a parent, and not an idiot who thinks that four year olds are sexually aware enough to even know the difference between boys and girls.

Grow up.  Raising children isn’t a game, you witless creature, it’s a great responsibility.  If you screw that up, you screw up more than you know.

Don’t Cling Too Tightly To That Little Phrase

And don’t confuse your favorite buzzword with divine revelation. The snappy phrase of today is tomorrow’s old drunk in a sewer.

Luther is to Blame for the Abiding Vestiges of the Papacy in Protestantism

Adolf von Harnack writes concerning Luther’s failure to fully Reform-

But Luther, as we have shown, had great excuses for his error; the same cannot be said for those of the present day, They have, no doubt, other excuses—a regard to the orthodoxy that already prevails among the congregations, the traditional custom of fostering piety by means of these doctrines—what is there that cannot be used for fostering piety in this or that person? even the Song of Solomon, even amulets!—and ignorance of the history of dogma.

How much they derive their life, not from the fundamental thought of the Reformation, but from Catholic reminiscences, is most distinctly shown by the fact that when for this or that reason one has once lost confidence in the old dogma, the almost invariable result is that he declares that doctrine is not after all a matter of so much importance. Against this Franciscan-Erasmic attitude too strong a protest cannot be made.

So true.  So very true.

The Theological Landscape is Glum…

We live in a day of such theological ineptitude that tattoos are now a guarantee of theological fame.  One need no longer be a learned theologian to gain a hearing and enjoy respectability.  No, now all one needs to garner a following is to have a few tattoos engraved on one’s skin or adopt a bizarre outlook on a questionable societal practice.

When incompetent theologians or journalists parading in the disguise of theologians are the ‘go to’ voices for media and publishers… the theological enterprise has been compromised and bastardized.

Authentic theologians need to reclaim their field.

School Administrators: Throw The Obama Letter in the Garbage

That’s where the directive being sent by the Department of Education and the Department of Justice at the direction of the White House regarding free access to the toilet facilities of the student’s choice belongs.

It has no ‘force of law’ behind it and ignoring it can result in absolutely zero penalties or prosecutions.

Ignore it.  Toss it in the garbage.  Or you’ll quickly find perverted little voyeurs of both sexes visiting the restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex simply because they can.

Exercise more common sense than this Administration: disregard stupidity or beware the law of unintended consequences.

It’s Time For University Professors to Focus on Teaching and Intellectual Pursuits

The Slow Food movement, founded in 1989 with the aim of restoring a healthy relationship between people and food, embraces a celebration of local, environmentally responsible food cultures. The movement’s snail logo reminds us to slow our pace and take time to savor as we grow or purchase, prepare and eat our food.

A snail also graces the cover of The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy, a new book by Canadian humanities professors and literary criticsMaggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber, who shine the light of slow food principles onto academic culture. In 90 thrilling pages of text, Berg and Seeber describe the current corporatization of the college campus and urge professors to resist it with all they’ve got.

“Thrilling” isn’t a word I often apply to books about higher education, but these pages galvanized me. Last December, I concluded 27 years of college teaching and, for now, I still feel a part of campus culture. I’m in contact with colleagues (locally, nationally and internationally) who feel burned by this corporate model. They work long hours yet have little time to read or write for work, or just to think — the faculty activities that Berg and Seeber say a university should prize most and that may benefit its students the most.

Etc.  And amen!

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Whoever refuses to take to heart or to learn from God’s manifest judgment, which He has demonstrated with deeds of wrath in the sight of the whole world… such a person is intent on being deceived and damned with his own full knowledge and consent. — Martin Luther

I Self Identify As A Male…

Because That’s what I am.  And I don’t want to share a public toilet with anyone who self identifies as a man who has the plumbing of a woman.

Who is protecting my right to privacy, Mr Obama?

Why are the so called rights of the gender uncertain more important than mine?  And how is that inequality just or justifiable?