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The BBC Was Wrong


Sermon Titles: An Observation

If your sermon title isn’t ‘thus saith the Lord’ you’re doing it wrong.

Sad News: D. Moody Smith Has Died

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I have just received the sad news that Prof. D. Moody Smith, George Washington Ivey Professor Emeritus of New Testament, died last night, May 10. Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of the saints. Moody’s wife Jane has let us know that a memorial service is planned forFriday, May 20 at 2:00pm at Trinity United Methodist Church (215 N. Church Street, Durham, NC 27701). A reception will follow the service.

In 1965 Moody Smith joined the Duke faculty, where he taught in the Divinity School as well as the Graduate Program in Religion. From 1974 through 1980 he was Director of Graduate Studies in Religion. He was the George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament from 1987 until his retirement in 2001.  In 1999, he served as president of the Society of Biblical Literature.  Moody directed the dissertations of two dozen New Testament Ph.D. students, most of whom subsequently taught in theological schools, in locations ranging across the US and beyond, from Indonesia to the Central African Republic.  His research centered on the Gospel of John and the Epistles of John, on which he published extensively; he also taught a wide range of New Testament courses, particularly on the Gospels and Jesus. This broader interest is reflected in his widely used introduction, Anatomy of the New Testament (7th ed., with Robert A. Spivey and C. Clifton Black, 2013), which has been in print continuously since it was first published in 1969.

Ellen F. Davis

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The Bee Stings Wretched ‘Christian Music’

After an endless week of hype following several social media teasers, legendary Christian music trio DC Talk announced Wednesday that their “Jesus Freak Cruise” will set sail in 2017 upon the tears of their many fans who thought the announcement would be a new full-length album.

“The guys are doing a ‘nu thang’ with this voyage,” stated Kate Forsett, the group’s public relations manager. “I know some of you thought the build-up was a prelude to some all-new songs or musical effort, but trust me, your crying is not in vain—the massive ship hosting the Jesus Freak Cruise will float upon the surging ocean of your tears.”

And more well deserved mockings.

When a Millennial Gets A Flat Tire…

Calvin: On the Government

“Let us consider to what danger the republic has been exposed of late, through the unworthiness of the governing citizens; and let us remember the insignificance of the state, that our souls may be preserved from pride.”  — John Calvin