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Quote of the Day

“Holiness is the habit of agreeing with God” —  J.C. Ryle.

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The Bee Stings a Pentebabbleist Heretic

According to several eyewitness reports coming out of Benny Hinn’s “This Is Your Day” revival event Tuesday, the faith healer and televangelist performed yet another miraculous healing, this time instantly and completely removing a large growth from an attendee’s purse. Hinn reportedly … Continue reading

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A New Edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls…

Because the world can never have too many ongoing decades long in the making not yet completed editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls… Penn State scholar Daniel Falk has been named one of three editors on an international project to … Continue reading

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#30 out of 500

A friend (David Graves) picked up one of these brilliant bronze medallions commemorating the 5ooth Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation- #30 out of 500 for me. It’s a fantastic and intricately wrought piece of art that I’m going to display … Continue reading

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Israel Finkelstein and His Rivals

During the 1990s and in the early 21st century, a new current in biblical archaeology became dominant. A new school from Tel Aviv University, led by Israel Finkelstein, Ze’ev Herzog and Nadav Na’aman, rejected the circular reasoning of traditional archaeology … Continue reading

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Herbert Donner Has Died

So very sad- what a mind.  Via Jack Sasson. OBITUARIES: Herbert Donner (1930-2016) Am 28. April 2016 verstarb Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Dr. h.c. Herbert Donner im Alter von 86 Jahren in Kiel. Mit ihm verliert die Theologische Fakultät … Continue reading

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Get the Commentary Barth is Presently Reading…

And that’s this one.  Oh yes, they have books in heaven.  That’s what makes it heaven.  Barth told Brunner today ‘If I had read this commentary earlier in my life I would have avoided every exegetical error I made.’ I … Continue reading

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It’s Barth’s Birthiversary

Happy birthday, Karl!  Let’s celebrate!

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Karl Barth as Foe of Naziism

Der Schweizer Karl Barth gilt als das theologische Genie des 20. Jahrhunderts. Er hat die Bekennende Kirche mit am stärksten beeinflusst – auch dort, wo man sich seiner Radikalität nicht anschloss. Obgleich konsequent reformierter Theologe hat er doch über die … Continue reading

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95% of American Pastors Would Be Left With Nothing To Say…

Were it not for the rambling blatherings and hardy har har’s of their sermons as presently offered.  This of course because most know nothing about the Bible and don’t care to.  Because they don’t see themselves as Proclaimers of the … Continue reading

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Mark Edwards, on the Trinity in Early Christianity

It’s a YouTube lecture hosted by Edwards in his very messy and in great need of organizing office.  But it’s a very informative discussion.

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Excommunication: An Observation

Excommunication is the Church’s way of saying ‘if you don’t like what we believe, get out’.  You can either excommunicate yourself, or the Church can do it for you.  But honestly, if you dislike what your Church teaches, the only … Continue reading

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