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Parents, You Need to Supervise Your Teen’s Online Activities

Because there is evil in the world and it’s looking for your children.

Multiple residents from El Paso County have come forward saying they have been targeted by an Internet predator.  According to authorities, the social media user poses as a teenage boy named ‘Alex Levin.’ Once he has friend requested a girl (usually between the ages of 12 to 15), he will start a conversation before asking her to send a photo of herself. Once he obtains the photo, he threatens to Photoshop the victim’s face onto pornographic images on numerous websites unless she continues to send him nude photographs. If the victim fails to send photos and videos when he requests it, he threatens to notify someone on her friend’s list- typically a parent or sibling with the same last name. The suspect is believed to be operating in a foreign country and may be utilizing other forms of social media to commit a similar scam.

Teach your children.

A Gift For the Moms With Terrible Kids




Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the great moms out there.