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Assembling the ‘Implementation’

Brandon Wason posted this on Instagram.  It’s the folk at Pitts assembling the Flugschrift mentioned previously and just published.  That’s Brandon on the top left and Pat Graham, head honcho, bottom left (in the tie).

You’ll never work with a friendlier group.


Zwingli’s “Implementation of the Lord’s Supper”

img_8941Is available, in pdf, free, here.  Of course it is copyrighted so do try not to pretend it’s your work, ok?  Yeah, you know who you are… You scoundrels.

They Tell Us We Must Vote- That It’s Our Duty…

So tell me, Christian pilgrim, how is America made a better place if Christians vote for godless pagans?

Why Do We Vote For People We Can’t Stand?

Because we’re foolish.


Fun Facts From Church History

The Spanish and German troops of the Emperor, under the lead of Constable Charles de Bourbon, and the old warrior Frundsberg (both enemies of the Pope), marched to Rome with an army of twenty thousand men, and captured the city, May 6, 1527.

Take that, Pontiff.

Autism Can Be ‘Cured’… You Just Have to Cast out the Demons…

Again, this is what happens when dimwittery meets sacred text without any intervening instruction:

A controversial religious group that claims it can cure autism “by driving out demons” is set to take to the streets of Barcelona this weekend. A religious group is staging several “spirituality seminars” this weekend in Barcelona, claiming that its members – through Jesus – can heal people with a variety of conditions, including autism. The Last Reformation, an evangelical Christian group founded in Denmark by Torben Sondergaard, arrived in Spain on Friday for a series of “spirituality seminars”. The group has already seen protests staged against it ahead of seminars planned for Dublin, Ireland, where autism campaigners have denounced the group’s members for claiming that they have “driven out the demons” of those with autism.


Israel in the Wilderness: It Wasn’t Moses Who Led Them…

It was FedEx.  For only FedEx would follow an absurdly circuitous route like the one the Israelites followed and my printer is following.

My printer died of old age so I ordered a replacement.  Turns out, the replacement comes from the Dell warehouse in Nashville.  2.5 hours down the road.  Nonetheless… well, see for yourself:


Yes, it was FedEx that led Israel through the wilderness, not Moses.

Quote of the Day

“Our Lord God always gives more than we ask for. If we ask properly for a piece of bread he gives us a whole acre. I prayed God to let my Katy live, and he gives her a good year in addition. But I think a really bad time will follow because we’re too wicked and are introducing heresies among ourselves.” — Martin Luther

Ah Luther, the best thing about you is your ‘the glass is half empty’ attitude.