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Quote of the Day- By Karl Barth


Karl finally manages to say something true.

Christians and Politicians And An Unspoken Evil

It is a truly tragic thing to see Christian people (self described as such anyway) confess that they ‘hold their nose’ and vote for ‘their party’s’ candidate no matter who that candidate is.  They further suggest that by doing so they are selecting ‘the lesser of two evils’.

Tell me, Christian, does your faith mean so little to you that you are willing to set it aside and vote for a man or a woman who is diametrically opposed to everything you believe?  Is it really, in your mind, a good thing or even a necessary thing to vote for ‘the lesser of two evils’?  Has it not occurred to you that abstaining from every form of evil (1 Thess 5:22… you know, in the Bible) is your true and authentic duty- even eclipsing any ‘duty’ to the State?  Have you forgotten the words of Peter to those who early on attempted to coerce Christians into compliance that it is ‘better to obey God than man’? (Acts 5:29… again, in the Bible).

There is a disturbing pattern emerging in our day.  It is a pattern which makes it clear that for too many Christians (self described as such anyway) the fealty they owe Christ takes a back seat to every other claim of loyalty.

This astonishing state of affairs is manifested every Sunday when other claims efface the claim of Christ that his people participate in worship.  It is manifested when duty to God is set aside in favor of duty to the team or the family or the other ten thousand voices claiming the Christian’s time and energy.  And it is manifested in our politics when party loyalty takes over and loyalty to God is forgotten.

But for those who know him, Jesus remains Lord.  He is their first concern and pleasing him (not the coach or the family or the politician) is their first priority.  Would that God would fill our world with that sort of Christian and replace the nose holders who know they’re doing evil and do it anyway.  For it isn’t the latter who will point people to Christ, but the former.

Cats and Karl Barth


This Is What it Looks Like When Pentebabbleists Pretend to Know God’s Mind

Of Ted Cruz, these Pentebabbleists opined-

Kenneth Copeland: “I believe, with all my heart, that [Ted Cruz] is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States.”

R. Cruz: “God has raised him up for such a time as this.”

George Pearsons: “There’s a new birth, right now, for America, and it’s taking place right before our eyes. And we will not set apart our responsibility and our duty to do what God has called us to do; we say, ‘Yes, Lord, Yes, we will do exactly what You have called us to do’ and we receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the outpouring of the Spirit over Washington, D.C. We see Congress praying, we see them seeking God, we see prayer coming back into our schools, we see the Bible coming back into our schools, we see abortion being turned around, we see this nation being completely restored, completely delivered, for it is a time the new birth of our nation and we’re seeing it right before our eyes, now, in Jesus’ name.”

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A Volume To Watch For

9783290178505«Hör nicht auf zu singen» – Zeuginnen der Schweizer Reformation, hg. von Sabine Scheuter, Rebecca Giselbrecht.

Welche Rolle spielten Frauen während der Reformation? Was bedeutete es für Katharina Schütz Zell oder Idelette de Bure, «Gefährten im Dienst» zu sein? Und inwiefern war Margarete Blarer aus Konstanz eine Ausnahmeerscheinung?

Zum 500-Jahr-Jubiläum der Reformation haben Autorinnen und Autoren die Frauen und ihre Anliegen im Blick und lenken die Aufmerksamkeit auf überraschende Aspekte der Sozialgeschichte. Neben Zeugnissen von selbständigen Frauen wird dem Einfluss der Reformation auf die Frauen- und Männerrolle sowie auf das Ehe- und Familienverständnis Raum gegeben. Neue Ehe- und Gesellschaftsideen und deren Wirkung kommen ebenfalls zur Sprache. Nicht zuletzt ist es ein Buch über die tragischen Schicksale von prominenten, aber auch völlig unbekannten Frauen, die der Reformation zum Opfer fielen.

Mit Beiträgen von Karla Apperloo-Boersma, Urte Bejick, Christine Christ-von Wedel, Rebecca Giselbrecht, Isabelle Graesslé, Susan Karant-Nunn, Elsie McKee, Helmut Puff, Sabine Scheuter, Kirsi Stjerna.

Fun times!

Behold, The Man, Bigly Trump … American Republicans Want to be President…

You Should be Thinking About Your Own Death More Than You Do

Your time is running out.  You’re welcome.


Pietersen on the Loons of Munster

This is good stuff.