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These Are Syrian Children, in Aleppo…

These are the sorts of Syrians the US and Great Britain refuse to offer safe harbor for fear that they will somehow carry out terrorist plots.  Can we be any more shameful or reprehensible by refusing to care for such … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Is the Fruit of the GOP’s Own Loins

And to be perfectly blunt, the #GOP slit its own throat by its indifference to its base for decades and its pandering to the billionaires.  #DoomedPartyGoodRiddance

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Identifying the Upper Room

A new essay in Bible and Interpretation is summarized thusly: Archaeology is only part of a comprehensive evaluation of an historical site. Any conclusions to be drawn must also take into account, among other things, a site’s social and literary … Continue reading

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David Lincicum Is a Meany Pants, But I Love Him Anyway

And I love his scholarship.  So in spite of the fact that he has never mentioned anything I’ve ever done on his blog, I’m going to mention something he’s done on mine (because this book looks fantastic)- Ferdinand Christian Baur … Continue reading

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Run Out of ‘The Gospel of John’ Booklets Have We?

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Books Treated Badly

The Zurich Central Library has been posting photos of books that have been returned to them from borrowers.  Treated badly doesn’t really capture the truth of what’s been done to these books.  #6 has a feminine product in it for … Continue reading

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A Forthcoming Volume of Interest

Is this one.  The editors are true gems (and Jims).  And the contents are superior. There’ll be more to say about this in due course, so stay tuned.  

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Erin Darby on the Five Stages of Academic Publishing Grief

Erin Darby for the win.

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The Apostle Paul in Art

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Calvin Was a Sickly Lad

And he said so to his friends fairly regularly.  So, for instance, he writes to Viret, “When our Merlin came yesterday, he found me in bed: I was suffering from a headache; for three days I had struggled against it, … Continue reading

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