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Shifting Blame and The Depraved Nature of Humanity

The flesh is continually on the alert for subterfuges, by which it imagines it can remove the blame of its own wickedness from itself to some other quarter.  We must diligently guard against this depraved procedure, and accordingly treat of … Continue reading

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For the Christian, The Law Is Still Relevant

The keeping of the Law should begin in us and increase more and more. – Melanchthon

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There’s Something Seriously Wrong With People in Texas

Something seriously wrong.  Seriously. A mentally disabled West Texas teenager who told a school worker she had been impregnated by her stepfather was found with her uterus removed when authorities discovered her body in her family’s partially burned home, according … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Mark Goodacre

Mark Goodacre, Howard D. Johnson Teaching Award When Department of Religious Studies Chair David Morgan needs to describe best practices of teaching in the department, the easy choice for him is to point to Mark Goodacre. A specialist on the … Continue reading

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Stop Tossing the Phrase ‘I Forgive …’ Around So Loosely

We all know that it has now become common for people to say ‘I forgive…’ and then you can virtually fill in the blank regarding the who and what.  Blanket forgiveness is the soup du jour.  But it’s soup that’s … Continue reading

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A Fly on the Wall In Brunner’s Discussions With Barth

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The Rudolf Bultmann Society of North America

Take note of the announcement here of the commencement of the organization of the Rudolf Bultmann Society of North America.

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Jesus Logia For Today

‘And if a man have his bits removed and sewn upon a woman- whose bits (vl sausage Mss L,G,B,T,Q) will it be in the life to come?’ ‘And if a woman have her mammarians removed and sewn upon a man, … Continue reading

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The Single Greatest Difference Between Brunner and Barth

Brunner loved God.  Barth loved Barth (and Lotte).  Amen.

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The St. John’s Bible – At Newman University

YOU ARE WARMLY INVITED TO ATTEND A PRESENTATION On the St John’s Bible, Heritage Edition with Jim Triggs (St John’s University, Minnesota) Tuesday 17th May 2016 NEWMAN UNIVERSITY Room: DW101 Etc.

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