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The ‘Official’ Biblioblog Carnival For April

Is Jeff Carter’s.  It’s really a good collection although it’s a bit heavy on the McGrath (meaning gnosticy stuff which isn’t at all related to the real actual Bible).  But, as the kids say, whose Carnival, his collection. Give it … Continue reading

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Absolutely True

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Karl Barth at Vatican II

For the Barthians- a couple of photos from your friends at the Theological Faculty at the University of Basel of Barth at Vatican II.

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If You’re Happy and You Know it, Make Twinkle Fingers…

“The Church of England has been accused of ‘dumbing down’ after drawing up a new service in which worshippers use Post-it notes, clap like football fans and move their fingers like ‘twinkling stars’. The new liturgy will be used in hundreds … Continue reading

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The Devil at Work

“When I was a boy the story was once told about Satan’s inability to start a quarrel between a man and his wife who loved each other deeply. He achieved his purpose through an old woman, who placed a sharp … Continue reading

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Selfie To Death

A youngster in India killed himself when he took a selfie while holding his dad’s gun….

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Nothing Says Loving Mom Quite Like A Baby Drop Box

America…. where babies aren’t people, they’re disposible inconveniences.

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Parents Keep Leaving Guns Laying Around, and Small Kids Keep Killing People

This past week, a Milwaukee toddler fatally shot his mother after finding a handgun in the back seat of the car they were riding in. The case drew a lot of national attention given the unusual circumstances: Little kids rarely … Continue reading

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The Logos Free Book for May

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Welcome to the ‘It’s Just 6 Months Till #SBL2016’ Carnival

The posts collected in this month’s Carnival are all SBL-centric.  What did the SBL do?  What did it post, or email or publicize?  And it’s all assembled here to whet your appetite for the half-a-year-away-Conference-of-a-Lifetime meeting in San Antonio, which … Continue reading

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