I Know This Sounds Bad… But…

I sometimes think that the worst thing the Reformers did was to put the Bible into the hands of people clearly incapable of making heads or tails of it.  Exhibit 1- Münster.  Exhibit 2- Schwärmerei.  Exhibit 3 – Münzer.

An ancient text, in ancient languages, tossed into the hands of people with neither the training nor wisdom to use it aright, understand it aright, or appreciate it aright is an invitation to every heresy you can imagine.


via Lutheran Satire

I get his point.  I just don’t think it’s all that terrible when people don’t have access to something they can’t use correctly.  You don’t give a gun to a deep jungle aborigine and then act surprised when he blows his neighbor’s head off because no one ever showed him how to use it.

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