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What’s The Difference Between Saturday and Sunday?

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Answering Your Mail

Dear Jim, If you had to recommend what you considred to be the most important book, what would it be (but not the Bible). Thank you, Allison H. Dear Allison, There are so many important volumes but I have thought … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Tat Artist Infected with HIV Who Used Tainted Needles…

On his step-daughter. A man, who is HIV positive, has been indicted on child endangering charges after prosecutors say he used the same tainted needle to tattoo his 15-year-old stepdaughter that he used on himself.  Jeremy Paul Huffman, 42, was … Continue reading

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The Last Call for Carnival Submissions for the April Edition

Send ’em along.  The Carnival will post tonight at 00:01.

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In Light of the Previous

Let the one who has ears, hear…

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In Light of the Previous

Let him who has ears, hear-

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Luther: On Those Who Willingly Believe Lies

What if my pastor preached to me like this: “Listen! I will now deliver a sermon. Three parts of it will be lies and the fourth part will be true”—and, moreover, he did not distinguish for me which were the … Continue reading

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Texas Size Depravity


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From the Author of the Essay Posted Just Before This One…

This video on his University website.  I sure wish I knew what he was saying.  But the Dutchlanders will. Enjoy, Dutchlanders… enjoy.

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The Scribal Background of the “Menetekel” in Daniel 5

New over at Bible and Interpretation: Since Aramaic was introduced as the standard administrative language in Achaemenid Palestine around 500 B.C.E. and dominated scribal training into the early Roman period, its influence on literary production is hardly surprising. Placing such … Continue reading

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Hypocritical Much, Apple?

The Bee stings Apple… Chuckling heartily while gesturing toward the news story displayed on one of his hundreds of Mac computers, King Salman of Saudi Arabia reported to his security detail Friday that he is really getting a kick out of Apple, … Continue reading

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Silly Little Angry Atheist Snowflakes… Bless ’em

(via Karl Barth for Barthians…  😉 )

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The Samaritans: A Profile

Eerdmans have published a really interesting volume on the far too often neglected and overlooked Samaritans.  The title, The Samaritans: A Profile, fits well the publisher’s description: Most people associate the term “Samaritan” exclusively with the New Testament stories about … Continue reading

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The Latest Publication

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Learn How to Rewrite Exodus!

Or something.  At Newman U.  Home of Richard ‘An Anglican Church of England Church’ Goode. The biblical account of the Exodus has always been significant for Jews in constructing their history, identity and theology. The story of how God acted … Continue reading

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Rehabilitating Tetzel

There’s a very informative interview right here and its subject is Johannes Tetzel. „Wenn die Münze im Kasten klingt, die Seele in den Himmel springt“ – Dieser berühmte Slogan wird heute dem findigen Dominikanermönchen Johann Tetzel zugeschrieben. Er gilt als … Continue reading

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Larry Hurtado Explains Books


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Sad News:  T.H.L. Parker has Died

Everyone will know the work of the great Calvin scholar.  Refo 500 has the sad news here. May he rest in well deserved peace.

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In the Absence of Authentic Christian Theology…

The vacuum is always filled by absurdity.

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