Anabaptist Apocalypticism, Sex and Violence: Lessons from Münster

I hope it’s recorded.

Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception

One of the most demanding and perplexing questions that we face today is why a group or community can begin to adopt certain actions and behaviours that appear to diametrically oppose their core values? How can some religious groups commit acts of atrocities whilst apparently advocating a theology based upon love and peace?

This is not a new phenomenon and important lessons that could guide us to possible answers can be found in studying examples from history.

We are delighted to have with us at Newman Dr Lloyd Pietersen (Visiting Research Fellow and specialist in Anabaptist Studies) who will be given an open lecture on the time of the ‘New Jerusalem’ established in Münster, 1534, and discussing the lessons that can be learned from this dark period of Anabaptist history.

Everyone is welcome to attend.


Anabaptist Apocalypticism, Sex and Violence: Lessons from Münster

Dr Lloyd Pietersen

Monday 7th March

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